The Lonely Island’s Akiva Schaffer teams up with Latin sensation Eduardo Fresco
It seems Akiva Schaffer isn’t busy enough promoting his musical comedy group The Lonely Island’s new album Turtleneck and Chain. One third of the ultra-popular group has forayed into the Latin music world, directing singer Eduardo Fresco ... [Read More]
Friars’ Club improv and sketch competition entry deadline is tomorrow
Hey, improv and sketch performers – The 2011 Friars Club Comedy Film Festival sketch and improv competition is open for business. Enter your team by May 10 – that’s tomorrow, kids, so get crackin’ – by submitting a demo of your improv or sketch show. [Read More]
Wrapping Up a History of Sketch Comedy
With this last article on the history of sketch comedy, I wanted to take the opportunity to reevaluate the past, present, and future of the genre as I've laid it out over the last six months. First of all I should say that this has hardly been the definitive guide to sketch; there are countless impo... [Read More]
Whitest Kids U'Know, Channel 101, Marvel Comics and URDB headline 7th SketchFest NYC this June
SketchFest NYC has announced featured acts for its upcoming seventh annual celebration of comedy, to be held June 8-11, 2011, at the UCB Theatre. Regular UCB staples such as CollegeHumor Live and The Rejection Show will have slots in the lineup, with... [Read More]
Rare audio, video from the 1990s: Watch The State sing "The Boner Song" and buy their 1996 CD
Here's something you didn't see almost 20 years ago. It's rare footage of The State in their first MTV office in the early 1990s, singing a version of "The Boner Song." [Read More]
Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival: Day Eight Reviewed | ChicagoReader
The final day of SketchFest has come and gone. Reviews of: Vampeero Productions’s musical sketch revue, Over-Served; Color Deaf; “your favorite novelty folk band,” Gretchen & Regina (aka Emily Claibourne and Hilary Williams); Feminine Gentlemen, a gutsy duo consisting of Liz McArthur and the director of operations for SketchFest, Jill Valentine. [Read More]
Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival: Day Two Reviewed | The ChicagoReader
I came to day two of SketchFest hoping to see some true comedic beasts. Maybe I was thinking too literally, with Elephant Larry and Big Game Hunters on my schedule, but I wasn't disappointed. Both groups kept me somewhere between laughter and nausea, which is really all anyone can ask from a Friday night. [Read More]
Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival: Day One Reviewed | The ChicagoReader
On Thursday night, I checked out performances by four sketch groups, starting with the maniacally adolescent Inside Joke Films. The physical comedy of uber-youthful Jon Braylock and Ramy Youssef is as cartoonish as a day in the life of Ren and Stimpy compressed down to 45 minutes—if Ren and Stimpy were an African/Arab-American duo making the most of their backgrounds. [Read More]
Live Review: Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival Day 1 | Time Out Chicago
Imagine showing up at McDonald’s and getting Kobe beef on your Big Mac. That was my experience last night at opening night of Sketchfest at Stage 773 when I went into the my first show, the Mary Kay Letourneau Players + Mountain Dawn, having no idea that openers Mary Kay consisted of Katherine shorthands Katie Rich and Kate Duffy. Both performers are marvelous in their own right, but put together they created a rich tapestry of character-driven scenes that won me over almost every time. [Read More]
Garry Shandling, Murphy Brown, Cloris Leachman, Airplane! and more! At the 10th annual SF Sketchfest
Among the big highlights are panels toasting: Airplane!, with Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker & Robert Hays; The 25th anniversary of It's Garry Shandling's Show with Shandling & Alan Zweibel; Murphy Brown with Candice Bergen & Diane English; SNL'ers Dan Aykroyd, Laraine Newman & Tom Davis; Cloris Leachman; Brian Henson & Neil Patrick Harris on the Muppets. [Read More]