Doug Benson: The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled (review)
It’s difficult to imagine anyone describing Doug Benson as “visionary” – at least outside of a college dorm room or Widespread Panic concert. But here he is, a 48-year-old comedian presiding over the most ubiquitously legal pot culture in history. Benson’s stoner renown was sealed years ago, but wit... [Read More]
‘Bitter Buddha,’ a Portrait of the Comedian Eddie Pepitone | NY Times
A ranter with jokes onstage, Eddie Pepitone shows a mellower side at home in “The Bitter Buddha.” A rough-hewed and admiring portrait of the 54-year-old comedian Eddie Pepitone, “The Bitter Buddha” will, like its subject, struggle to appeal to a wider audience than comedy geeks and professional dyspeptics. [Read More]
Harrison Ford Will Be in 'Anchorman 2'
The actor, who is expected to reprise his role as Han Solo in the "Star Wars" sequel, first will play a legendary newscaster in the Will Ferrell film. [Read More]
Talking to Todd Strauss-Schulson About His New "Body Horror Comedy" Short Film 'Valibation'
Valibation, a new (NSFW) short film from A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas director Todd Strauss-Schulson, is really creepy, funny, and not at all like Harold and Kumar. The short follows Yale Guttman (James Kirkland), a man so in love with his iPhone that it fuses with his hand. If smart phones ar... [Read More]
James Franco's 'SNL' Documentary Nears a Release
Saturday Night, the SNL documentary that James Franco made over four years ago looks like it might actually be getting a release. Franco shot the movie as an NYU grad school project, following the creation of an SNL episode hosted by John Malkovich in December of 2008. When asked about the unrelea... [Read More]
All-Digital Release for Rideshare First Feature Film Shot Entirely On the iPhone
Rideshare focuses on three complete strangers with nothing in common, driving a car from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., largely on the legendary Route 66. [Read More]
The Bitter Buddha (review)
There’s an implication throughout The Bitter Buddha that comedian Eddie Pepitone, the subject of this documentary, is, well, bitter. Bitter that after a stand-up career that spans decades, he hasn’t achieved mainstream appeal or sold a TV show Seinfeld-style. That even though he’s beloved by modern ... [Read More]
Women Aren’t Funny (documentary review)
There is a certain dumb thesis that keeps rearing its cretinous head, even though there’ve never been more funny women working in the entertainment industry. While it’s hard to take the argument even remotely seriously (Tina Fey is funnier than the five funniest men on this planet put to... [Read More]