Student of comedy evokes Groucho Marx persona
Some people want to grow up to be astronauts, or firemen, or doctors. But Frank Ferrante kind of wanted to be Groucho Marx. [Read More]
Cult Comedy Heroes 'Convoy' - LAist Interview
An interview with the Improv group Convoy who won 44 straight cagematches at the UCB in LA. [Read More]
The Francis Bacon Experiment Comedy Troupe
A typical Experiment includes a mix of short form and long form improv, sketches and videos, and of course audience participation is encouraged, and required. FBE encourages its audience--actually anyone--to submit short comedy-related videos to be included between sketches. [Read More]
IU College Comedy Festival draws about 400 people
"Cactus!" And go. For the Awkward Silence Comedy group, this was the only prompt from the audience in what turned into a series of improvisational skits and sketches this weekend at the annual IU College Comedy Festival. The festival, which showed performances Friday and Saturday night at the John Waldron Arts Center, was a success, Union Board organizers said. [Read More]
Upright Citizens Brigade: A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T- Live from SF Sketchfest: Matt Besser
In Chicago in 1991, Matt Besser became a founding member of the sketch group Upright Citizens Brigade, which in 1996 moved to New York and produced their sketch show "Upright Citizens Brigade" for three seasons on Comedy Central. Soon after the success of the tv show the UCB opened their own comedy theater and improv school which operates in NYC, and most recently the UCB have expanded to open another theater in LA. As an improviser he was a member of Chicago's "The Family" and is forever a mem... [Read More]
Review - Comedy troupe tickles ribs at The Naples Philharmonic (Marco Island, FL)
From snake charmers to ice cream musicals to hip-hop comedy and one singularly gigantic plumber's crack, the Chicago City Limits improv group kept the Naples Philharmonic's Daniels Pavilion crowd in stitches Wednesday night. [Read More]
KC improv troupes go head-to-head in a comedy smackdown
Improv ebbs and flows in Kansas City, and right now it's really, really flowing. Some argue it's getting better locally even as it gets bigger. [Read More]
Danny Groner: Taking the Stage for Improvisational Comedy
Anyone who has ever attempted to write a script, essay or even a joke recognizes how difficult it is to be funny. As someone who has spent countless hours editing and rethinking jokes to make them work, I decided that I could benefit from learning how others approach comedic writing, style and delivery. I enrolled in a free introduction to improv course at a local theater this week to spend time working with talented performers. I wanted to watch where their minds took them, in directions I woul... [Read More]
Inside With: Adam Bozarth, Improviser
In addition to being one half of the UCBW's lecherous Deliverance-like tag-team of hilljacks, The Mountain Men, Adam Bozarth has been improvising with The Stamp & Coin Club for a little over a year. If you keep reading for like five more minutes, you can find out all about the improv-class stew from which TS&CC emerged and you can perhaps learn some insightful tips about the indie team world. For example: make yourself useful and draw a crowd. [Read More]