The Del Close Marathon 12 schedule for July 30 through Aug. 1
If you like you some high-octane, all-star improvised comedy showcases, and would like to see them all in one concentrated neighborhood of NYC's Manhattan island in the sweatiest part of summer, ... [Read More]
Shannon O'Neill in "Prison Freaks: A Talent Show" | the comic's comic
A video introducing Shannon O'Neill's one-woman show warns that, among the thoughts that may enter your brain, are "deviant," "sexy" and "why did I find that sexy?" True, true, true on all counts. How does "Prison Freaks: A Talent Show" manage to be deviant, sexy and above all else, so funny? And how did it take O'Neill so long to develop her first one-woman show? [Read More]
The Upright Citizens Brigade welcomes applications for 2010 Del Close Marathon (July 30-Aug. 1) | the comic's comic
Do you have an improv group and/or show that you'd like to share with the improv-loving comedy community? Why not share it at the one place where the biggest fans and performers of the genre will be congregated? Why, yes, I speak of the Del Close Marathon. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has announced the 2010 dates for DCM 12: July 30 through Aug. 1. [Read More]
What would Ian Roberts do to promote "Players" on Spike? Would you believe "1 Guy, 1 Cup"? | the comic's comic
You've heard of 2 Girls, 1 Cup, right? I'm not going to link to that viral video shocker that shocked millions with its NSFW depths. But the Upright Citizens Brigade's Ian Roberts, co-star of the upcoming Spike TV sitcom, Players, decided that without a proper marketing budget, he would re-create that video all by himself in "1 Guy, 1 Cup." As UCB co-founder Matt Walsh sat by and told him repeatedly not to do such a thing. [Read More]
Tempe Comedian Alan Schuler Burned In Condo Fire | KPHO Phoenix
Alan Schuler, who performed to a sold out crowd last Friday night at Theater 168 in Scottsdale, is now in the burn unit at Maricopa Medical Center. His friends said doctors have pulled him out of a medically induced coma, but that the member of the Jesterz Improv Troupe still has a long ways to go before he's making people laugh again. [Read More]
UCBT Announces Charity Asssscat Shows For Haiti | The Apiary
The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre presents two special performances of their long-running improv show, ASSSSCAT, to raise support for Mercy Corps' relief efforts in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of January 12th. Every dollar raised at the show will go directly to Mercy Corps' relief efforts in Haiti. [Read More]
Comedy Feud - Paul F. Tompkins Versus Improv Everywhere | NY Mag
The big buzz in the world of comedy this weekend is the thoughtful email back-and-forth that comedian Paul F. Tompkins published on his website yesterday between himself and Charlie Todd, the creator of the public prank comedy troupe Improv Everywhere, those people who spontaneously sing in supermarkets and stuff. [Read More]
Serious commute - Oklahoma man drives 1,700 miles each week for comedy class at iO Chicago | Chicago Tribune
Thomas Crane is driven. Which is nothing new in the world of improv. iO Chicago, the famed improvisation company and school, has had students drive from Detroit for classes. Second City once had a student who flew in every week from Georgia. Thomas Crane is special. He is 24 and unemployed. Until recently he served as emcee at a dance club. After seeing iO on a TV report about improv, he decided to take a class where Chris Farley, his favorite comic, took classes. But the commute stinks. [Read More]
Third Frames - Tim Meadows & Friends in Toronto (recap) | Third Beat
Tim Meadows, Joe Canale, and Molly Erdman (the latter two of Second City Chicago) performed a short set of their own as part of the Comedy Bar's first anniversary celebration week. [Read More]
The Second City releases full lineup for its 50th anniversary celebration | the comic's comic
We've got the complete schedule for the 50th anniversary celebration weekend for The Second City in Chicago, happening Dec. 11-13, 2009. So without further ado, let's share it. Proceeds benefit The Second City's Alumni Fund, established by Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Martin Short to aid Second City performers and staffers. They'll all be part of the anniversary shows, as will performers ranging from original cast member Alan Arkin down through the generations. [Read More]