"In a battle of wits, logic loses every time" - Ian O'Doherty on censorship and intimidation in comedy | Independent.ie
"never mind the logic, just feel the outrage and look on haplessly as we merrily wander down the path to complete censorship of any idea that might, just might, piss someone off." [Read More]
Will Ferrell, aka Rojo Johnson, ejected from baseball game | CNN
With NASCAR racer, figure skater and semi-pro basketball player already under his belt, comedian Will Ferrell can now add minor league baseball player to his resume of fake athletic roles. On Friday, Ferrell took on the role of Billy Ray Rojo Johnson, pitcher for the Round Rock Express, a real minor league Major League Baseball team near Austin, Texas, in the team's game against the Nashville Sound. [Read More]
Bridgetown Comedy Festival 3: The Return of the Zing (photo recap) | The Apiary
Here are some mental snapshots from the festival, April 22-25. Most of my grainy cellphone pics captured my experience there as if I were a security camera at the mall so I have used some of superdupe photographers M. Berru's and Karylee Harrison's outstanding documentation as well. [Read More]
The BC Q&A - Dave Willis and Dana Snyder from Aqua Teen Hunger Force | BostonComedy
Dave Willis and Dana Snyder from Aqua Teen Hunger Force talked a bit about the history of the show, how they plan to bring it to life onstage, the unavoidable subject in Boston – the marketing campaign gone wrong in 2007, when Light-Brite images of Mooninites, created by local artists to advertise the show, shut down parts of the city when they were mistaken for bombs.. and more. [Read More]
Conan O'Brien interviewed by Google with Andy Richter | The Comic's Comic
On the road for his North American live theater tour, Conan O'Brien and his crew spent part of their Cinco de Mayo at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., for a YouTube chat with ... [Read More]
Julia Louis-Dreyfus tickled by typo on Hollywood Walk of Fame star | Independent.ie
The star read "Luis" instead of "Louis," and there was no hyphen between Louis and Dreyfus. "The misspelling was so perfectly apt, a great metaphor for show business," Louis-Dreyfus said after the ceremony. "Right when you think you've made it, you get knocked down," she continued. "It's an ideal metaphor for how this business works." [Read More]
Robert Halderman faces jail in NYC for David Letterman extortion plot | The Associated Press
A former CBS television producer who admitted trying to shake down David Letterman over the late-night comic's office affairs is bracing for time behind bars. Robert "Joe" Halderman was sentenced Tuesday to a six-month jail term, as planned when he pleaded guilty in March to attempted grand larceny. His plea deal also calls for 1,000 hours of community service. [Read More]
Aussie comic Catherine Deveny sacked for her Tweets | Chortle
An Australian comedian has been sacked as a newspaper comments after Tweeting jokes about Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s 11-year-old daughter. Writing about the red-carpet arrivals at the Logie awards for the Australian TV industry, Catherine Deveny wrote: ‘I do so hope Bindi Irwin gets laid.’ The comments attracted 200 complaints online – enough for the editor of Melbourne newspaper The Age to drop her from her weekly column. [Read More]
Satiristas! Photographs by Dan Dion - Interviews by Paul Provenza (review) | The Serious Comedy Site
Superb book, stupid ass title. Satiristas combines Dan Dion's comedian photographs and interviews with many of the same satire comics and artists by Paul Provenza. A Dan Dion photograph is almost the same thing as listening to the comic. In some cases like the Lewis Black or Chris Rock picture it is the same thing. Provenza, of Aristocrats fame, delivers the most intelligent interviews with comics I have read; the comics and satirists actually say something. [Read More]