Brazil comedians challenge ban on ridiculing presidential candidates
Brazilian TV and radio broadcasters are legally forbidden from making fun of candidates ahead of the nation's Oct. 3 election and a possible second-round runoff on Oct. 31. With the first wave of on-air political ads starting Tuesday, Brazil's comedians and satirists are planning to fight for their right to ridicule with protests in Rio de Janeiro and other cities Sunday. [Read More]
Chris Parnell on BIg Lake, live audiences and teaching | The A.V. Club
Prior to Big Lake’s première, The A.V. Club spoke to Parnell about his trepidation performing for a live audience, and his own experience as a teacher. [Read More]
Paul Reubens Playboy Magazine Interview - September 2010
Playboy sent Bill Zehme to Los Angeles as Reubens readied for Pee-wee’s Broadway debut. Zehme reports: “Paul Reubens told me repeatedly, as we dug through emotional crevices unimaginable, that he’d never opened himself up this nakedly outside of a shrink’s presence. But somehow his guts needed spilling, increasingly so with each of the nearly 15 hours we spent yammering over several weeks. Whether you see him as Pee-wee or Paul (and the two are often interchangeable), you realize how it is possi... [Read More]
Pete & Brian's "FCU: Fact Checkers Unit" becomes an NBC Web series
Hey, remember three years ago when Pete Karinen and Brian Sacca, aka Pete & Brian, debuted a nine-minute short casting themselves as magazine fact checkers who paid Bill Murray a visit, and then talked to me about it? [Read More]
Tom Green's post-Apocalyptic footage at Gathering of the Juggalos includes Tila Tequila and Gallagher
Remember the end of Woodstock 1999? That seems to be the starting point for the Gathering of the Juggalos, the now-infamous annual party in the woods by the fans of Insane Clown Posse.. [Read More]
Edinburgh fringe comedy roundup | The Observer
From Dead Cat Bounce and Bo Burnham to Andi Osho and Arj Barker, Stephanie Merritt on the best of this year's Edinburgh fringe comedy offerings [Read More]
Horatio Sanz keeps his brainy side up in "Big Lake" | Chicago Sun-Times profile
"He definitely has a b---s-to-the wall, go-for-broke-style," Adam McKay says. "You think of him as the big, energetic crazy guy, but he's really smart." [Read More]
Paul 'Pee Wee Herman' Reubens Defends His Public Masturbation Arrest to Playboy
“People said, ‘The public has such a short memory.’ I knew it wasn’t true. The public has a memory like a steel trap…Two years ago I was on a flight back to L.A. from the East Coast and it was one of those newer planes where every seat is equipped with its own little live satellite television screen. … I look over to the bulkhead one row in front of me, and I see a TV monitor there showing my mug shot, which then morphs into a picture of Pee-wee,” Reubens added. “And I realize, ‘Oh my God, they’... [Read More]
2010 Thurber Prize Finalists Announced
Three finalists have been selected for the 2010 Thurber Prize for American Humor, a prize that's one of the highest recognitions of the art of humor writing. Now celebrating its 26th year, the award will be presented at a ceremony at New York’s Algonquin Hotel, once home to James Thurber, on October 4. Keith Olbermann of Countdown with Keith Olbermann and a Thurber admirer who often quotes the author on his show, will serve as the evening's emcee. [Read More]
New Michael Ian Black web series to debut in November
On Nov. 15, Backwash, a new web series starring Michael Ian Black and a myriad of others, will premier on I’ve watched the trailer twice and still can’t figure out what the fuck it’s about, but it has MIB rocking some v... [Read More]