Original Bob Newhart Show - out on DVD
Got Season One and Season Three from my library this week, and was directed to the Bob Newhart/Dean Martin clip on youtube on the Comedy Rarities thread (http://www.youtube.com/embed/din5JORDXzk). I've had a few discouraging incidents with loved shows from the past not holding up at all well, but ... [Read More]
How Tina Fey Got Alec Baldwin to Agree to do 30 Rock
by Adam Frucci Last night, Alec Baldwin was honored by the Museum of the Moving Image, with many of his friends and contemporaries giving speeches complimenting/mocking him. One such toaster was Tina Fey, and Vulture transcribed her entire speech. She opened by talking about how afraid she was to as... [Read More]
What the Hell Happened to the Farrelly Brothers?
by Joshua Kurp There are a lot of people who wish it were still the 1990s: Chris Klein from American Pie, Ace of Base, Jennifer Aniston, the guy who created the Furby, me. But no one pines for the decade that brought us both Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class m... [Read More]
San Francisco Improv Festival - Now Open for Applications!!
The San Francisco Improv Festival is now accepting applications for SFIF 2011! Acts have until May 8th to submit their application with a link to a 10-minute video sample of their work. Apply here! We’re encouraging improvisors from all over the country to apply via the festival website, sub... [Read More]
Delocated Officially Picked Up for Season 3
by Adam Frucci After announcing it and then removing the announcement, Jon Glaser officially confirmed that Delocated is coming back to Adult Swim for a third season. Not a huge surprise, but good news nonetheless. @ 1:31 pm 0 Comments... [Read More]
The Birth of Modern Jewish Humor Pinpointed to July 3, 1661
by Adam Frucci Curious as to why semites are such a funny group of people? Turns out that according to a Berkeley professor, it can be pinpointed to an exact date: July 3, 1661. On that date, leading rabbis from Poland and Ukraine (the “Elders of the Four Councils,” natch) met to figure out why so m... [Read More]
Carolines Final Four Competition Starts Tonight (Bracket Inside)
64 comedians. 1 winner. Some of New Yorks best are in this year. Check out the bracket below and click the link if you want tickets! http://www.carolines.com/blog/media/BRACKET-2011.jpg Tickets: http://www.carolines.com/blog/media/BRACKET-2011.jpg... [Read More]
Your Favorite Comedy Exists Because of The Larry Sanders Show
by Harry Cheadle This year the IFC channel started showing reruns of The Larry Sanders Show, which will hopefully introduce one of the best, most influential sitcoms of all time to a new generation of bored stoners, Greg the Bunny fans, agoraphobic movie snobs, and whoever else is watching IFC at 11... [Read More]
Judd Apatow on traumatizing the kiddies, loneliness, television addiction, and the peculiar psychology of stand-up comedy | The A.V. Club
Writer-producer-director Judd Apatow might now be the most successful, dependable brand in comedy, thanks to a productive stretch of work spanning Freaks And Geeks—which he executive produced with creator Paul Feig—through The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and beyond. Yet throughout his early career, Apatow was synonymous with beloved cult projects whose prestige and acclaim far outstripped their negligible-to-modest commercial performances. Apatow began his career as a stand-up before hooking... [Read More]
Greg Fitzsimmons on podcasting, having celeb friends and the state of comedy
"(Marc Maron and I) have had a lot of good talks about podcasting and just the idea that the guests are important, but what’s more important is (the audience is) invested in you and your life and what’s going on. And it’s almost like, you have to keep them informed of what’s going on. Because we don’t realize we live interesting lives. We’re out here just hustling, like you said, and trying to do (stuff) but when you get people from the outside that live wherever and they’re hearing about a typi... [Read More]