Craig Ferguson Secretly Weds
Fans of comedian Craig Ferguson got a surprise announcement during his CBS Late Late Show on Monday night: He got hitched! Ferguson wed his longtime girlfriend Megan Wallace Cunningham, an art dealer, from Vermont. [Read More]
Tickets to Late Night with Conan O'Brien's Final Shows
After 16 seasons on the air, the curtain is coming down on Late Night with Conan O'Brien as Conan prepares to head out to L.A. to take over The Tonight Show. Would you like to be a member of one of Conan's last studio audiences in New York? Here's your chance! [Read More]
John Oliver's BBC show reprimanded for use of "Jew"
After British comic Frankie Boyle made what some listeners of Daily Show correspondent John Oliver's BBC radio show thought was an anti-semitic comment, the station promised to monitor their comedy shows more strictly. That was the ruling announced today by the BBC Trust in relation to Boyle's appearance on Political Animal last June. [Read More]
Hippie Church Doesn't Want Jurors to See The Daily Show
Attorneys for a western Pennsylvania church whose services consist of rock and jazz concerts don't want jurors to see a humorous report from The Daily Show when its religious freedom lawsuit goes to trial next month. Attorneys for the Church of Universal Love and Music say the four-minute bit featuring church founder William Pritts is edited to suit the comedy show's agenda and isn't "remotely relevant" to the serious religious issues in the case. [Read More]
Michael Ian Black's "Chicken Cheeks" Now Available
MIB says, "My long-awaited anthology of animal butts finally hits the bookstores in three days! Praised by one and all as "the funniest book in the world" (not a real quote), "Chicken Cheeks" is the "triumphant" (my word) debut of a "glittering new children's book author" (again, my words)." [Read More]
Interview - Adam Goldstein and Eric Kutner ('The Snake')
When Adam Goldstein and Eric Kutner sat down to write The Snake, they did away with hugging, learning, true love, death, crying, weddings, funerals, and many more movie standards resulting in a film that's as funny as it is original, satisfying, and memorable. [Read More]
Al Franken up 225 votes in Minn. recount
Victory in Minnesota's drawn-out Senate race moved within Democrat Al Franken's grasp Saturday when he increased his lead over Republican Norm Coleman as the statewide recount drew to a close. The state Canvassing Board will reconvene Monday to declare which candidate received the most overall votes in the election. Barring court intervention, it will be Franken. [Read More]
Onion writer selling joke on eBay
John Harris, staff writer at The Onion, is auctioning an unknown original joke on ebay with the auction ending Jan. 5. The bidding is currently over $360. Even Harris is taken aback by it all, answering a prospective bidder this way today: "It was just something funny I was doing for the benefit of my friends. It's making me a bit uncomfortable, to be honest with you." [Read More]
Book Review - Sammy Shore: "The Man Who Made Elvis Laugh"
Veteran comedian Sammy Shore forged a career as the go-to opening act for a slew of show business legends, chief among them Elvis Presley. And while it's those years with Elvis that are the ostensible focus of Shore's new memoir, "The Man Who Made Elvis Laugh: A Life in American Comedy" (TCB JOE Enterprises, $34.99), that admittedly memorable gig just scratches the surface. [Read More]
Time Warner Cable threatens to go dark on Viacom (incl. Comedy Central)
Viacom has asserted that negotiations for a new licensing deal with Time Warner cable have broken down, with just more than 24 hours until 2009 and the possibility that cable subscribers in New York City, Los Angeles, Orange County (Calif.), Raleigh, N.C., and elsewhere around the country will not have Comedy Central -- or any of the other Viacom cable channels such as VH1, MTV, Nickelodeon and more than a dozen others. [Read More]