Billy Bob Thornton May Be Starring in Bad Santa 2
by Adam Frucci Billy Bob Thornton is in talks to star in a sequel to Bad Santa. A rep from the Weinstein Company says "We feel that it’s a Christmas perennial for the R-rated crowd." It is? @ 4:30 pm 0 Comments... [Read More]
Check Out the Trailer for Morgan Spurlock's Greatest Movie Ever Sold
by Adam Frucci Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock is back with a new meta-documentary that attempts to talk about advertising and product placement by making an entire movie based around selling product placement in it. It looks interesting, and Spurlock is certainly a charming host, but I hope... [Read More]
In Praise of The Onion's American Voices
by Stephen Hoban For all the attention their stories receive and how often their news headlines get reposted, The Onion’s American Voices column has a way of being overlooked. Well, we should talk about it more, because it really is one of their funniest and best features. American Voices has been ... [Read More]
Five Great Sci-Fi Comedies (and Three Awful Ones, Too)
by Joshua Kurp Yesterday, we published a review of Paul, the new film from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and how much of its humor comes from Pegg and Frost’s obsession with science fiction. Comedy and sci-fi, I’d argue, are the two genres with the most passionate fanbases, and to combine them is trick... [Read More]
Christina Applegate Cast In Lorne Michaels' New Sitcom
by Halle Kiefer My DVR is going to explode in a ball of flames if I try to cram another sitcom into it's little electronic guts. This show, however, should be worth the scorch mark on the ceiling. Christina Applegate joins Lorne' Micheal's new sitcom, penned by Parks and Rec's Em... [Read More]
Asked about Gilbert Gottfried, Andrew Dice Clay instead accuses Charlie Sheen of not winning.
This video: So many questions! And I don't mean the interviewer (from the NY Post) has a lot of questions, although one of his statements prompts a question: What does it mean to "put out a Twitter Tweet"? When did Andrew "Dice&qu... [Read More]
The Cast and Writers of Bob's Burgers Have Taken Over Videogum
by Adam Frucci This should be great: today, the cast and writers of Bob's Burgers have taken over posting duties over at Videogum. There are a lot of very funny people putting ridiculous stuff up all day over there, and you probably should be checking it out. @ 12:20 pm 0 Comments... [Read More]
Give It Up For Greg Giraldo by watching his Comedy Central special
It's only been six months since the great stand-up comedian Greg Giraldo died from an accidental overdose. Giraldo's impact within the comedy community was so profound that Comedy Central had no trouble assembling an all-star group to talk ... [Read More]
This weekend: "The Pee-Wee Herman Show" on HBO
[RD][N][/N]Back in 1981, HBO aired a special called “The Pee-wee Herman Show,” which was filmed at The Roxy Theater in Los Angeles and featured Paul Reubens and his fellow colleagues from the Groundlings performing a live stage show,... [Read More]
Read A Scene From Kevin Smith's Final Movie
by Halle Kiefer Interested to see how Kevin Smith will end his illustrious film career? Does the fact that John Goodman will likely be in it sweeten the deal? Yesterday Smith posted a scene from his final film Hit Sombody, a hockey movie "most likely" starring Goodman and based on a Warren... [Read More]