Alec Baldwin's iPhone Game May Have Irreversibly Altered the Future of Flying
Alec Baldwin's absolute refusal to stop playing Words With Friends AT ANY COST may have actually gotten 30 Rock removed from American Airlines flights. Guess they weren't too happy with his SNL impersonation. Anyway, this is a hilarious news story, but also a sobering reminder that our actions have ... [Read More]
The Awkward, Hostile, and Absolutely Hilarious Late Night Appearances of Charles Grodin
Imagine you’re Roman Polanski. (Stay with me, this isn’t going where you think.) It’s 1968, and you’re working on Rosemary’s Baby, a thriller that will go on to earn six Golden Globe and two Academy Award nominations. Everything’s going great until a bit player delays a day of shooting to debate yo... [Read More]
George Clooney Is Producing a Smothers Brothers Movie
George Clooney and Sony Pictures have optioned the book Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story Of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, the story of the classic 1967-69 CBS show and Tom and Dicky Smothers' journey "from squeaky clean comics to counterculture troublemakers." Intriguing! It's unclear if... [Read More]
Paul Feig Talks About and Also Everything
In this seriously long interview, Paul Feig talks about the process of making Bridesmaids and his time directing the Office finale and his new movie with Melissa McCarthy and whether there will be a Bridesmaids sequel and how expensive the Office proposal scene was to shoot and what panda bears like... [Read More]
Pablo Francisco puts it all out there in “They Put it Out There”
Pablo Francisco is a whirling dervish of voices, noises, sound effects and impersonations. And on Francisco's new CD/DVD, "They Put It Out There," he puts it all out there. Before you can ask -- Who is they, what did they put and where did they put i... [Read More]
Third Frames: just another Saturday night in Toronto
By some feat of scheduling magic, this past weekend saw both Todd Barry and Kyle Kinane visit Toronto for shows at Comedy Bar. Barry took over the Friday night, and both comics split the Saturday night in the mainspace, with an extra midnight set by Kinane in... [Read More]
SNL’s Abby Elliott in Maxim
On the one hand, Saturday Night Live's Abby Elliott is young and attractive. Those are nice traits, we all agree. But on the other hand, pretty women in comedy focusing on the pretty part...well. Here we go again. Abby Elliott, daughter of Chris Elli... [Read More]
Josh Gondelman, “Everything’s The Best!”
Josh Gondelman sincerely is one of the nicest people I know. Normally, in comedy circles, saying someone is nice is the "nice" way to say that person isn't funny. Thankfully, though, Gondelman proves on his debut CD, "Everything's The Best," that he ... [Read More]
Louis Katz, “If These Balls Could Talk”
Before you begin listening to Louis Katz's CD, "If These Balls Could Talk," it's important that you know a couple of things. Dave Attell is a fan of his (often bringing Katz on the road with him as his feature act, and employing him on his Showtime s... [Read More]
Wyatt Cenac, “Comedy Person”
The CD, Wyatt Cenac: Comedy Person, begins with a bit of a bait-and-switch, as it's not Cenac, but rather Daily Show colleague John Hodgman who is talking to the audience throughout the first introductory track. When Cenac does arrive onstage, he hel... [Read More]