Scott Moran tracks down every existing video footage of the late Andy Kaufman
If you've been meaning to look at all of the existing video footage that exists online for the late Andy Kaufman, but didn't know where to look, well, not to worry. Someone already has worried more about this than you, and tried to fix it by collecting it all on one site. It's called Watch Andy Kaufman Be Alive, and it's the creation of comedian Scott Moran. [Read More]
Comedian, Actress and Author Kristen Schaal: Interview on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun
Kristen Schaal is a comedian, actress, and writer. Her brand of humor is weirdly sweet, and probably exemplified by her role as Mel, the obsessive fan on The Flight of The Conchords. She's been a contributor to The Daily Show, appeared in a number of films including Dinner for Shmucks, and lent her voice to animated characters in Toy Story 3, Shrek Forever After, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. [Read More]
Marty Kaplan - Waiting for Sanityman: Can Jon Stewart Save America?
"Sanity, and patriotism, spring from the sass of a Stewart, from the character Colbert plays, from the kids calling out the emperors' nakedness, and from all the citizens heading to the Mall on Oct. 30 filled with unironic, vulnerable, passionate last-ditch hope." [Read More]
Mike Birbiglia on the Worst Kinds of Hecklers | Vulture
"I’m driving to Cincinnati right now in my van. I’m not driving myself. My brother Joe is driving. We converted our van, which used to be painted like the A-Team van, into the book mobile to celebrate the book. It’s turquoise with a white stripe and it says, “Mike Birbiglia’s Book Mobile” on the side." [Read More]
Mad magazine’s Al Jaffee on not trusting grown-ups and turning broken yo-yos into toys | The A.V. Club
Now 89, Jaffee still creates fold-ins for Mad. He’s also just collaborated with journalist Mary-Lou Weisman on the biography Al Jaffee’s Mad Life, for which he also provides some loving illustrations. The title is not just a play on his most famous employer, either. The child of Lithuanian immigrants, Jaffee spent his early years in Savannah, Georgia but was taken back to Lithuania by his mother twice, a situation he likens to moving from the 20th century back to the 19th. Jaffee spoke to The A.... [Read More]
A Day in the Life of The Conan Blimp as Told By Feeble Cell Phone Photos
The Conan Blimp is the ultimate new media marketing machine; when you spot this bright orange airship roving silently through the sky, you're immediately compelled to update your status or tell someone--it engages and excites people both offline and ... [Read More]
Podcast of the Week: Louis C.K. on WTF with Marc Maron | Third Guy Ducks
I refuse to apologize for mentioning Marc Maron's WTF so often. In my opinion, it's the best one out there, so I might as well act like it. As good as it is on a regular basis, this week stood out. Maron and Louis C.K. were finally reunited. You don't have to be a fan of comedy to enjoy this one. [Read More]
How to donate to a fund helping Robert Schimmel's children
Jessica Katz, oldest daughter of the late Robert Schimmel, has established a fund to help the family pay for the medical bills for Schimmel's other daughter, Aliyah, and his son, Jacob, both of whom were also injured in the car accident that took the comedian's life last month. [Read More]
Friars Club reschedules Roast of Quentin Tarantino
The Friars Club has picked Dec. 1 as its new date to roast director Quentin Tarantino. Samuel L. Jackson will serve as Roastmaster, with other celebrity attendees, roasters and dais guests to be confirmed later. [Read More]
My Booky Wook 2, by Russell Brand - book review by Steve Bennett | Chortle
Overall, it’s a bit of a tabloid read itself – just with a few longer words. It’s breathless, sexed-up and none-too probing, but guiltily entertaining for the rollercoaster ride into fame that it so showily describes. [Read More]