Interview - Adam Goldstein and Eric Kutner ('The Snake')
When Adam Goldstein and Eric Kutner sat down to write The Snake, they did away with hugging, learning, true love, death, crying, weddings, funerals, and many more movie standards resulting in a film that's as funny as it is original, satisfying, and memorable. [Read More]
Al Franken up 225 votes in Minn. recount
Victory in Minnesota's drawn-out Senate race moved within Democrat Al Franken's grasp Saturday when he increased his lead over Republican Norm Coleman as the statewide recount drew to a close. The state Canvassing Board will reconvene Monday to declare which candidate received the most overall votes in the election. Barring court intervention, it will be Franken. [Read More]
Onion writer selling joke on eBay
John Harris, staff writer at The Onion, is auctioning an unknown original joke on ebay with the auction ending Jan. 5. The bidding is currently over $360. Even Harris is taken aback by it all, answering a prospective bidder this way today: "It was just something funny I was doing for the benefit of my friends. It's making me a bit uncomfortable, to be honest with you." [Read More]
Book Review - Sammy Shore: "The Man Who Made Elvis Laugh"
Veteran comedian Sammy Shore forged a career as the go-to opening act for a slew of show business legends, chief among them Elvis Presley. And while it's those years with Elvis that are the ostensible focus of Shore's new memoir, "The Man Who Made Elvis Laugh: A Life in American Comedy" (TCB JOE Enterprises, $34.99), that admittedly memorable gig just scratches the surface. [Read More]
Time Warner Cable threatens to go dark on Viacom (incl. Comedy Central)
Viacom has asserted that negotiations for a new licensing deal with Time Warner cable have broken down, with just more than 24 hours until 2009 and the possibility that cable subscribers in New York City, Los Angeles, Orange County (Calif.), Raleigh, N.C., and elsewhere around the country will not have Comedy Central -- or any of the other Viacom cable channels such as VH1, MTV, Nickelodeon and more than a dozen others. [Read More]
Non-Profit Funny Organization Getting Going
The NPFO, or, Non-Profit Funny Organization, Inc., is a collaboration of comedy types who seek to raise the bar for their fellow comedy types by creating a network of production, distribution and promotional resources. Wouldn't it be great if you could split the costs of high-def video equipment and sound gear with another group, or divvy up the costs of renting rehearsal space? The NPFO aims to set up a system to do stuff just like that. [Read More]
Former Bankers Turn to a Creative Plan B
With Wall Street hemorrhaging jobs, bonuses disappearing and the financial sector going through a seismic shift, some bankers and lawyers are switching lanes to more creative career paths. They are putting down their Wall Street Journals and picking up Variety as they try their hands at comedy, filmmaking and writing. [Read More]
Jay Mohr Takes Wife's Name.
Following in the footsteps of John Ono Lennon, the Gary Unmarried star filed a petition a week ago to legally add his wife's surname to his own, thereby making his full appellation Jon (his birth name) Ferguson Cox Mohr. [Read More]
'Flight of the Conchords' online buzz takes off
In an encouraging sign for the upcoming second season of HBO's offbeat comedy "Flight of the Conchords," the premiere episode has raked in some 250,000 streams in its first 10 days on FunnyOrDie. [Read More]
10 Favorite Comedy Central Clips of 2008
"The time between Christmas and New Years is a special time. It's when we all stop, reflect, and look our loved ones in the eye to say, "Here are the top 10 things you did this year that stopped me from calling the cops on you." It's list time and we can all make lists about anything we want. And we here at Comedy Central put together a great list of our 10 Favorite Comedy Central Clips of 2008." [Read More]