The Midlife Vices of Greg Giraldo
by Larry Getlen About six years ago, comedian Jesse Joyce — a man who, I can tell you from personal experience, could talk intelligently about politics, polish off six pints of ale at a fairly rapid clip, and continue making his articulate points as if he had simply downed a glass of cherry co... [Read More]
"Kevin Pollak's Chat Show" comes to Cobb's Comedy Club Saturday | San Francisco Examiner
Since 2009 Kevin Pollak has been hosting “Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show," interviewing a prime list of film, television and comedy stars. Usually you can only see KPCS at However, this weekend a live version will be recorded at Cobb’s Comedy Club on Saturday with guests Adam Savage and Samm Levine. [Read More]
Michael McIntyre: From Montreal "New Face" in 2007 to new Simon Cowell on 2011's Britain's Got Talent?
The new season of Britain's Got Talent has begun the initial audition phase across the pond, and the early hullaballoo is over the harsh criticisms coming from one of its new judges, stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre. For those of us in North A... [Read More]
Mike Birbiglia finally ends week-long campout in store display window
"It's like summer camp. It's really fun but you're so busy you need to sleep for three weeks when you are done," he said. The toughest thing was getting enough sleep because of pedestrians knocking on the glass at all hours of the night. "People kept coming by. I found most of them to be friendly, though some were a little crazy," he said. [Read More]
The Full McBain Movie Hidden Across Multiple Simpsons Episodes
by Adam Frucci Here's something that I bet even die-hard Simpsons geeks weren't aware of: when you put all of the McBain clips back-to-back in order, they form a mini-movie with a plot and story arc. It's amazing, and I can't believe we're just figuring this out now. 0 Comm... [Read More]
Comedy Central Presents: Chelsea Peretti
If you missed the debut of Chelsea Peretti's first half-hour Comedy Central Presents, which aired over the weekend, then you can relive it through recaps. Peretti opened by acknowledging her "weird actractiveness level" with the audien... [Read More]
Preview: South Parks Trey Parker and Matt Stone's The Book of Mormon Broadway musical
In just a short, 20-minute preview, “The Book of Mormon” is a little unorthodox, patently offensive and despite the dire straits, very very funny. The trio juggled which nation to set the story in, from Somalia, Haiti or even post-Katrina New Orleans, just somewhere “very different from Salt Lake City.” “Like, Did God forget this place?” Parker explains, adding that nothing challenges one’s belief system like “the worst stuff on Earth.” Though the team is still hammering out kinks in the writing... [Read More]
The First Bridesmaids Trailer Looks Badass
by Adam Frucci Here's the first trailer for Bridesmaids, the Kristen-Wiig/Annie-Mumolo-penned, Paul-Feig-directed, Judd-Apatow-produced comedy coming on May 13th. It looks so goddamned good, guys. [via] 0 Comments... [Read More]
The Office Looking to Hire Some New Dunder-Mifflin Employees
by Adam Frucci Some hints at what to expect on next season's Carell-free version of The Office, via a couple of casting notices: "One role is for a woman described as 'Scranton hot.' She’s hired as an assistant to the office manager… The second role is for a man who’s fresh... [Read More]
Yea/Nay: Check Out a Preview of CBS's New Sitcom Mad Love
by Adam Frucci Here's a preview of CBS's new sitcom Mad Love, premiering on Valentines Day. On the one hand, Judy Greer! She is awesome! On the other hand: It's a CBS multicam sitcom starring Jason Biggs that seems to be built upon the premise that these people all have one friend eac... [Read More]