Flight of the Conchords - What's Alan Watching? interview
A couple of weeks ago, Alan Sepinwall interviewed "Flight of the Conchords" stars Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, plus executive producer James Bobin.. and just now got around to transcribing it. [Read More]
Flight of the Conchords Win Best Comedy Album Grammy
New Zealand folk/comedy duo and HBO stars Flight of the Conchords (Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement) won the Grammy for Best Comedy Album at the ceremony held Sunday night. [Read More]
2008 ECNY Award Nominees Announced / Voting is Now Open
The ECNY Awards, New York's original comedy awards are honored to announce the nominees for the 2008 awards, representing the absolute best in New York comedy. Voting will be open to the general public at ecnyawards.com. Winners will be announced at the 2008 ECNY Awards ceremony, held March 9, 2009, at 8:00pm; at Comix NY; [Read More]
video - Seth Rogen's New Comedy "Observe and Report"
The tone of Observe and Report is much darker than that of Rogen's previous comedies. Think Paul Blart: Mall Cop, but funny. The story centers on Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen) a bipolar mall security guard who's called into action to stop a flasher that's been targeting women at his mall. When Barnhardt can't get the job done they call in a surly police detective (Ray Liotta) to bring the pervert to justice. The cast also includes Patton Oswalt and the lovely Anna Farris. Observe will premiere a... [Read More]
Sam Reich, director of CollegeHumor TV - the comic's comic Interview
MTV continues to dip its toes back into the waters of actual professional comedy (as opposed to the "reality" programming most viewers watch for laughs) this Sunday with the premiere of The CollegeHumor Show (9:30 p.m. Eastern). It has an initial six-episode order. What should we expect? [Read More]
Comedian to be Inducted into NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame
Iconic comedian-actor Bob Newhart will be inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame during the NAB Show Television Luncheon on Monday, April 20, in Las Vegas. The award will be presented by NAB President and CEO David K. Rehr. [Read More]
Getting into it with Greg Behrendt - The Boston Globe Interview
"He's Just Not That Into You," the romantic comedy with an all-star cast that opened Friday, is actually based on a best-selling self-help book of the same name by comedian Greg Behrendt. Behrendt doesn't mind being the "He's Just Not That Into You" guy. After all, he's hugged Oprah. Scarlett Johansson is in a movie based on his book. There are worse things to be. [Read More]
Chris Rock - Moviehole Interview
Chris Rock stars in and produces a documentary on hair and its impact on Black culture. He sources out the products, personalities and politics of the American-American hair industry, including the annual Hair Styling Battle in Atlanta. Following the film's premiere at Sundance, Rock sat down to talk hair, comedy, Madagascar 3 and oh yes, his thoughts about THAT inauguration. [Read More]
Demetri Martin on Important Things - LA Weekly Interview
Important Things With Demetri Martin (premieres on February 11), which features skits, songs and throwing water balloons at passersby. We caught up with Martin in New York, via e-mail, to chat about semi-important things. [Read More]
Lack of payment from Denis Leary's Foundation idles new Boston firetruck
The Boston Fire Department is waiting on a new support vehicle that remains 30 miles from Boston because a firefighter foundation run by actor Denis Leary has not met a commitment to pay the $205,000 bill, said city fire officials. The foundation told the dealer it is short of cash because of a falloff in donations. [Read More]