The worst time Taran Killam ever bombed was his first and last night of stand-up
On the latest behind-the-scenes feature of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Saturday Night Live’s featured player Taran Killam recalls the worst time he ever bombed doing stand-up comedy. He also noted that it was the first and last time he’s ever done stand-up. Well Taran, you’re doin... [Read More]
Recess with The Laugh Button: Connor Ratliff and Shannon O’Neill
It’s Thursday and that means another episode of Recess with The Laugh Button. Today’s guests are Connor Ratliff and Shannon O’Neill. A pair of great improv players from NY’s UCB Theatre. We talked about everything from Connor’s attempt at a 2014 Winter Olympic bid and t... [Read More]
Netflix Adds Another 'Arrested Development' Easter Egg: Banana Ratings
In the months leading up to Arrested Development's Netflix launch, the streaming service has been sneaking in a lot of subtle easter eggs related to the show. After adding fake Arrested Development movies and shows to the menu and making blue handprints appear onscreen when you search for movies w... [Read More]
NBC Renews Carson Daly; But What About Alec Baldwin's New Late Night Show?
NBC announced yesterday evening that they've renewed their 1:35am talk show Last Call with Carson Daly for another season. The news comes just a day after The New York Times reported that Alec Baldwin is in talks with the network to host his own late night show, which was expected to take over Car... [Read More]
Career at the turning point: Nina Conti rediscovers ventriloquism through “Her Master’s Voice”
About five years ago, Nina Conti faced a crisis of self-confidence regarding her career as a ventriloquist -- despite winning the BBC New Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival in 2002 and the Barry Award six years later at the Melbourne Internationa... [Read More]
Conan O’Brien reunites with The Simpsons writers for some “Serious Jibber-Jabber”
For his next episode of his spin-off video podcast, Serious Jibber-Jabber With Conan O'Brien, O'Brien reunites with his former co-workers from the writers' room of The Simpsons to discuss the early days of the FOX animated classic. Al Jean, Mike Reis... [Read More]
Watch Will Ferrell Reminisce About His Time on 'The Office'
Here's the first episode of a new web series from The Office, tied to the show's series finale next month. Directed by John Krasinski, each episode features guest stars and regular actors from the show looking back at The Office and its legacy. Hopefully, everyone refuses to stop eating lunch the w... [Read More]
Listen to Michael Ian Black Interview Marc Maron
Gothamist had Michael Ian Black interview Marc Maron in advance of Maron's new IFC show, and it proves to be as contentious as any conversation between Michael Ian Black and Marc Maron. Listen to the full audio below or head over to Gothamist to read the nonstop barrage of insults and apologies for... [Read More]
Jim Carrey to Star in 'Ricky Stanicky'
Jim Carrey is reteaming with his Bruce Almighty/Ace Ventura writer Steve Oedekerk for a new movie. THR reports that Carrey has signed on to star in a comedy called  Ricky Stanicky that Oedekerk, who wrote Bruce Almighty and wrote/directed Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, will re-write and direct. H... [Read More]
Jason Bateman Says the 'Arrested Development' Movie Is At Least a Year or a Year and a Half Away
While 15 new episodes of Arrested Development are set to debut on Netflix on May 26th, there's still no deal in place for the movie that the new episodes set up, and according to Jason Bateman, it's going to be at least a year or a year and a half. While promoting his new movie Disconnect, Bateman... [Read More]