Comedy, TN to Close Doors Feb. 28
For the last 3 years comedy lovers in the Mid-South have seen nationally known comedians at the only standing comedy club in Memphis. But just as others have done before, that reign will soon come to an end as the doors here at Comedy Tennessee close forever. Owner Sammy Marten says, "Over the years Memphis has been known in the comedy industry as a graveyard for comedy clubs.. we had our run and I guess we've got to go. The economy has caught up with us." [Read More]
An Entertaining Digression with Dr. Katz - BostonComedy Interview
To Interview Jonathan Katz is to be caught in a constant series of entertaining digressions. He's often trying out new material, which would be irritating from some comedians, but not from Katz. Somehow, the conversation becomes the set-up, he tees off, and moves on. And his poker-faced delivery (even over the phone) never gives you the impression that he's "on." Which are, of course, the qualities that made him such a great foil, and made his Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist such a great show. [Read More]
Our Sense Of Humor
Everyone seems to be grousing about how bad things are today, and maybe they are right, but I wonder how much our sense of humor contributes to our mindset. If you listen to the late night comics on television, everyone is an idiot. Sure we might chuckle now and then, but I find this to be more cynical and destructive than positive and beneficial. [Read More]
'Public Service', Title to Amy Poehler's New Comedy Show
Finally, the untitled Amy Poehler's project is given a name. "Public Service", the new sitcom coming from the creators of "The Office" and "Saturday Night Live", will premiere April 9 at 8.30/7.30c on NBC. [Read More]
Comic TV Appearances: Sun, 1/25 - Sat, 1/31
Katt Williams: It's Pimpin' Pimpin‘ premieres Sunday, January 25 on Comedy Central. Comic television appearances include Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey, Lisa Lampanelli, Mike Birbiglia, Dov Davidoff, Tony Rock and Jamie Lissow. Full listings after the jump.. [Read More]
UK clamps down on prison comedy classes
Secretary of State for Justice Jack Straw has ordered a clampdown on activities designed to rehabilitate criminals, after he was embarrassed by revelations that some prisoners at high-security Whitemoor prison have been getting lessons in stand-up comedy . [Read More]
Baldwin Scores SAG Actor Award for Best Male Actor in a Comedy Series
Alec Baldwin has won the SAG Award for Best Male Actor in a Comedy Series for his work in NBC's 30 ROCK. Baldwin, who currently appears and won an Golden Globe and Emmy for his work on the hit sitcom "30 Rock," recently appeared Off-Broadway in Entertaining Mr. Sloane. [Read More]
Penelope Cruz Didn`t Realise She Filmed A Comedy
Penelope couldn't understand why people were laughing during screenings of Woody Allen's latest project. [Read More]
Michael and Michael get the green light
Hot off The State reunion at San Francisco Sketchfest comes the news that Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter just got the green light for a new show on Comedy Central called Michael & Michael Have Issues. [Read More]
Comedian John Cleese still fit at 69
British comedian John Cleese, known for his work with the comedy group Monty Python, is very fit and active at age 69, his girlfriend says. U.S. actress Barbie Orr, who says she's 27, said the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" actor also has undergone medical and dental procedures to stave off the effects of old age, the Daily Mail reported Saturday. [Read More]