Kurt Metzger talks about rape jokes and bloggers (video)
I’ve always appreciated Kurt Metzger’s stance on current events. Every time one of his status updates/rants surface on Facebook he usually has a solid point or idea about whatever the subject may be. Currently, a hotly debated topic in comedy is the rape joke. While many words have been ... [Read More]
Rhetoric with a melody: Owen Benjamin talks comedy, music, and his CD/DVD, “High Five Til It Hurts”
Owen Benjamin's new special, which debuts on Comedy Central tonight and comes out in a combined CD/DVD package on July 2, finds him walking the streets of Austin, Texas, high-fiving strangers. It's the opening for "High Five Til It Hurts." Why Austin? "It's such a cool city. It's the combination of ... [Read More]
Woody Allen Hates Being Too Old to Play the Romantic Lead
"It's an inevitable disaster of aging, and there's nothing I can do about it. I can't play the scenes where I'm sitting opposite Diane Keaton or Mia or Dianne Wiest or Judy Davis. If I think of parts for myself now, all I can be is Pop, the lovable doorman backstage at the theater who takes phone nu... [Read More]
'Childrens Hospital' and 'NTSF: SD: SUV::' Are Set to Return on July 25th
The new seasons of both Childrens Hospital and NTSF:SD:SUV:: have their premiere date: July 25th. If you'll recall, this season of Childrens Hospital should be pretty bonkers, as it's going to be set on a military base in Japan. Well, more bonkers. It was always pretty bonkers. And here's the descri... [Read More]
'Trading Places' Was Originally Written for Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor and 4 Other Facts About the Movie
Business Insider has a great oral history of Trading Places today, and it's filled with awesome tidbits about the classic film. Tidbits such as: 1. The movie was originally written for Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor LANDIS: The script was developed for Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. And when I was ... [Read More]
Eddie Murphy wants to party all the time with Snoop
30 years ago, Eddie Murphy was on top of the world. A star at both the box office and on Saturday Night Live, he also had a hit album with Comedian, one of his stand-up specials. 20 years ago, Calvin Corodozar Broadus, Jr., better known as Snoop Dogg or Snoop Doggy Dogg, was also on [...]Eddie Murph... [Read More]
Bo Burnham on the end of MTV’s “Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous”
Zach Stone isn't going to be famous enough for a second season, but Bo Burnham, the star of the MTV sitcom, already is well on his way to bigger fame. Burnham is from a generation growing up with the idea that everyone can be famous and everyone will be if they just share enough of their personal li... [Read More]
Watch a Short Documentary on Asssscat Starring Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, and Many More
Todd Bieber just released this great short documentary about Asssscat, the UCB's infamous Sunday night improv show that always brings in the biggest names in comedy to fuck around in front of an audience that, at least for the free 7:30pm show, has been lined up all afternoon to get in. It's a fun ... [Read More]
Looking Back at Bill Murray's Best Appearances on Letterman
Bill Murray was the first ever guest on Late Night with David Letterman back in 1982, and over the past 31 years, Murray has been one of Dave's most beloved and unpredictable late night guests. He and Letterman have a rapport that has evolved over time, with running a myriad of running jokes from sa... [Read More]
Ken Marino and Tim Heidecker Join the Cast of the Final Season of 'Eastbound and Down'
Ken Marino has signed on to the fourth and final season of Eastbound and Down to play "Guy Young, a middle-aged athlete who's still living the high life and partying it up every weekend." Deadline reports that it's a pretty big role; he'll be appearing in every episode of the season. Tim Heidecker's... [Read More]