Six Relatively Obscure British Comedies You May Have Missed
To any comedy nerd with a knowledge of bittorrents or a region free DVD player, the following British shows aren’t necessarily obscure. But they are obscurish. Most people don’t know about them and no one has tried to fashion an American re-make for all the supposed knuckle-draggers who can’t parse ... [Read More]
'Girls' Teases Us
This promo makes it abundantly clear that this season the girls are going to plan some sort of heist. Hannah will be the leader, the meticulous Marnie will be in charge of explosives, Jessa will be intimidation (nothing is scarier than a British person with a gun), and Shosh will be the driver (she... [Read More]
'SNL', 'Childrens Hospital', and More Win Creative Arts Emmys
The Creative Arts Emmys were this Saturday. Though mostly it was awards like "Best Light Mixing in a Reality Program," there were also some odds and ends of note. Childrens Hospital – yep, Childrens Hospital will now be known as "The Emmy Award-winning Childrens Hospital" – won for Outstanding Short... [Read More]
A Former Jefe Returning to 'Arrested Development'
Jefe? More like Jeff-e Garlin, who told Paste that he's currently filming Arrested Development: "Now am I in it? I don’t know if I’ll end up being in it, they might cut everything with me. But I am filming some episodes.” SOME episodes? Jeff's Mort Meyers only appeared in a handful of episodes the f... [Read More]
From webseries to Emmy: Childrens Hospital among 2012 winners of Creative Arts Emmys
Since the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences couldn't possibly hand out all of the Emmys during an Emmys telecast without going on for days and days, they still relegate many of the categories to a non-televised ceremony the weekend previous t... [Read More]
Comedian Caleb Medley, DK Shooting Victim, Released from Hospital
Almost two months after the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado, comedian Caleb Medley was released from the hospita [Read More]
Literary Talent Vicki Abelson Talks Women, Comedy and Her New Book
Vicki Abelson's bi-coastal literary salon Women Who Write features many giants from the comedy and entertainment industry [Read More]
'SNL's' 20 Best Times Using the Applause Sign
"Hooray, another SNL related post," cheered everyone. Speaking of cheers, this video explains exactly how crowd cheers have been used to end sketches. Look out for it tomorrow at the end of the sketch in which Clint Eastwood is in an empty auditorium and thus thinking he's in a giant room filled wi... [Read More]
Listen to a Young Johnny Carson Explain Humor Writing
For his senior thesis at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Johnny Carson created an audio program that explained how to write comedy for radio. You can listen to the 45 minute thesis here. (Ignore the first completely unintelligible minute or so.) Using clips from popular programs, he analyzed how ... [Read More]