Former Bankers Turn to a Creative Plan B
With Wall Street hemorrhaging jobs, bonuses disappearing and the financial sector going through a seismic shift, some bankers and lawyers are switching lanes to more creative career paths. They are putting down their Wall Street Journals and picking up Variety as they try their hands at comedy, filmmaking and writing. [Read More]
Jay Mohr Takes Wife's Name.
Following in the footsteps of John Ono Lennon, the Gary Unmarried star filed a petition a week ago to legally add his wife's surname to his own, thereby making his full appellation Jon (his birth name) Ferguson Cox Mohr. [Read More]
'Flight of the Conchords' online buzz takes off
In an encouraging sign for the upcoming second season of HBO's offbeat comedy "Flight of the Conchords," the premiere episode has raked in some 250,000 streams in its first 10 days on FunnyOrDie. [Read More]
10 Favorite Comedy Central Clips of 2008
"The time between Christmas and New Years is a special time. It's when we all stop, reflect, and look our loved ones in the eye to say, "Here are the top 10 things you did this year that stopped me from calling the cops on you." It's list time and we can all make lists about anything we want. And we here at Comedy Central put together a great list of our 10 Favorite Comedy Central Clips of 2008." [Read More]
Woody Allen says he hopes to film a new comedy in Paris
US filmmaker Woody Allen said Tuesday he hopes to shoot a new comedy in Paris next summer, continuing his recent run of choosing to film in European cities over his native-New York. "I have always wanted to shoot a film in Paris. I have a scenario for Paris all written. I was going to shoot it a few years ago but when we came here and I started to put the film together, suddenly it became such an expensive film that I could not do it," he said. [Read More]
Jim Florentine is too afraid of cops and lawsuits to pick up the phone
Imagine waiting for a call from Jim Florentine. Florentine is a comedian best known for creating and voicing the callous, belching Bobby Fletcher and always-energetic (if a little mentally slow) Special Ed on Comedy Central's "Crank Yankers," and for four volumes of his "Terrorizing Telemarketers" series of prank CDs (a cult favorite), which include conversations in which he convinces telemarketers that he's committing murders and abortions in his home. So, when the phone rings and he simply s... [Read More]
Chris Tucker Plays Santa In Atlanta
Comedian, actor and Atlanta native Chris Tucker wasn't starring in a movie. But judging by the crowd at one of metro Atlanta's Boys & Girls Clubs, his role as Santa turned out to be a big hit. Tucker, who now resides in Los Angeles, is originally from Decatur, GA. The world-renowned actor and comedian made a surprise visit Monday, delivering Christmas gifts to 200 underprivileged youth at the NFL/Youth Education Town Boys & Girls Club in southeast Atlanta. The charitable effort is part of The Ch... [Read More]
Russell Brand's "Barbie doll" video scandal
A bizarre film has emerged on the internet of Russell Brand ramming a Barbie doll up his backside. The footage was shot during a stand-up gig early in Brand's career, when his performances were frequently affected by his drug addiction. [Read More]
Michael Ian Black Banned From Facebook
What did comedian Michael Ian Black do to get banned from Facebook? I'd like to think it was karmic payback for providing the voice of the sock puppet, an enduring icon of dotcom disaster. Black isn't sure why Facebook disabled his account, but he's mad as hell: "How am I supposed to maintain my vast terrorist network without this social networking site?" [Read More]
Comedian Katt Williams buys $3.33 Million House in Malibu
Comedian Katt Williams bought a six-bedroom, seven-bath home at 20515 Abercrombie Lane in Malibu from Carl W. Stubner and Erica Stubner for $3.33 million on July 10. The 8,259-square-foot home was built in 2005. [Read More]