Amy Schumer Has Confidence
Amy Schumer is the Ryan Seacrest of young female comedians. She is a stand up comedian, the host of a music show of FuseTV, a writer, an actress. She’s had her own Comedy Central Presents, has opened for some of the biggest names in stand up, will be seen in the upcoming seasons of Delocated and Cur... [Read More]
The Most Intense Improv Class Ever
Not sure if this is a typo, but the UCBT is offering what appears to be the most intensive Improv 101 class ever devised. For one week in August, 16 students will put their bodies on the line and improvise for AN UNHEARD OF 7 HOURS A DAY. Someone wil... [Read More]
Ving Rhames to Star in Comedy Central Pilot
Deadline reports that Ving Rhames will star in Black Jack, Comedy Central's pilot about "the most kick-ass special ops agent the US government has had on its payroll, [who] finally goes too far and is de-commissioned." I'm imagining the helicopter explosions of a Black Dynamite combined with the swa... [Read More]
Jason Sudeikis To Host MTV Movie Awards
Ryan Seacrest announced earlier today that Jason Sudeikis will host the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 5 at 9pm. Sudeikis joins the eight other SNL alums who have hosted in the past, including Andy Samberg, Eddie Murphy and the illimitable Jon Lovitz. 2011 hasn't exactly been a gangbuster year f... [Read More]
Diving Into the Archives of Spy Magazine, The Funniest Magazine Ever
Maybe you've heard of Spy Magazine, the satirical magazine that was one of the funniest things ever in the late '80s and early '90s, but never read it. Now that Google Books has put much of the Spy archive online, you can see what the fuss was about. For me, it was the magazine that redeemed America... [Read More]
This is #TheVoice that replaced Gilbert Gottfried as the Aflac duck
Aflac, the insurance company with a lot of business in Japan, fired comedian Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of the Aflac duck because he joked about the tsunami in Japan last month. This is the guy they picked to replace Gottfried as the voice of the... [Read More]
A Nice Chat with Natasha Leggero
Natasha Leggero is to comedy what cocaine is to the upper class: completely indispensable, wonderful at parties, and an excellent post-ironic study in socioeconomic politics. At a recent Gatsby-esque soiree I was lucky enough to grab her ear for a second and ask her a few questions regarding her pro... [Read More]
Very Important Information About Bobcat Goldthwait
"9 Things to Remember About Bobcat Goldthwait"---See more posts by Adam Frucci0 comments... [Read More]
The Graduate: The Father of the Modern Comedy of Awkwardness
Today's comedy landscape is prominently defined by the line of cringe-inducing moments and awkward conversations, from the character of Michael Scott on The Office to the persona of Zach Galifianakis (especially in "Between Two Ferns") to Michael Cera's bumbling adolescent characters. It's a type of... [Read More]
Steve Martin, Martin Short, Seth Meyers and more added to 2011 Chicago TBS Just For Laughs fest
The 2011 TBS Just For Laughs Chicago comedy festival has added some more names, and big names, too, as Martin Short will return to the festival this June, but with Steve Martin! Other additions include Seth Meyers, Ron White, Rodney Carrington.. [Read More]