Q&A: Lewis Black by Metromix Louisville
(Credit: Ian White) Lewis Black, the "Daily Show" regular and comedic mastermind best known for ranting about, well... everything, is getting his own show on Comedy Central, "Lewis Black's Root of All Evil," on which he plays a judge presiding over two comics who are making a case for why their side is the most evil. Cases include divisive match-ups like Oprah versus the Catholic Church, Donald Trump versus Viagra and YouTube versus porn. Before the show debuted, we caught up with the Honorable... [Read More]
Craig Ferguson cuts Jimmy Fallon some slack, for now
Jimmy Fallon, who will launch his late-night talk show in March, got some strong support Wednesday from an unlikely source: His main competition. Craig Ferguson, host of CBS' "The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson," asked critics to give Fallon a month before reviewing him. [Read More]
Dane Cook's half-brother remains jailed as case continued
Comedian Dane Cook's half-brother, Darryl McCauley, remains behind bars today after a pretrial hearing in Woburn District Court on charges he embezzled about $10 million from his celebrity sibling. [Read More]
Kurt Braunohler Talks Penelope Pilot
Ever since Reggie Watts warbled "talk to me" in the opening credits to "Penelope: Princess of Pets", we've been hooked on this puckish Web series by Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler. Penelope had it all: Dr. Doolittle in ponytails, an orphan on Heelys, an unctuous politician and a foul-mouthed bird. When the series first appeared online, it was a perfect companion piece to the idiosyncratic but earnest live, two-person comedy show being honed by Kurt & Kristen. [Read More]
Mo'Nique As Another New Villain!
The comedic actress Mo'Nique, everyone's favorite Mother from the hit show UPN's The Parkers is about to add another VILLAIN to her resume. Mo'Nique, who turned lots of heads from her dramatic performance in the films Domino and Shadowboxer, is now in the new film titled Push which is debuting at the Sundance Film Festival next week. [Read More]
Jon Stewart's First Ever Daily Show
As Jon Stewart mentioned on last night's Daily Show, this week marks his tenth anniversary as host of the show. On the one hand, where did the time go? On the other hand, it's hard to remember what life was even like before we had The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to rely on four nights a week. And on another hand, holy shit, I have three hands. Anyway, it seems like a good opportunity to look back at Jon's first ever episode and get a sense of how much he, the show and we as a country have chang... [Read More]
Sundance: Patton Oswalt gets serious in 'Big Fan'
Patton Oswalt is a funny guy. The stand-up comic brilliantly skewered Kentucky Fried Chicken and the "Star Wars" prequels on his album "Werewolves and Lollipops." He was a regular on "King of Queens" and provided the voice of Remy, the culinary-minded rat of Pixar's "Ratatouille." In the movie "Big Fan," premiering Jan. 18, Oswalt gets serious. He plays a Staten Island parking-lot attendant who's the world's biggest New York Giants fan. The movie is written and directed by Robert Siegel, now g... [Read More]
Amy Poehler lands sidekick for NBC comedy
Upright Citizens Brigade player Aubrey Plaza has landed a co-starring role on UCB alumna Amy Poehler's upcoming NBC comedy series. [Read More]
Answers from the ‘Daily Show' Resident Expert John Hodgman
Following is the first set of answers from John Hodgman, the "resident expert" on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" and the author of "More Information Than You Require," who is answering selected readers' questions about life as an author, famous minor television personality and a man who wears glasses in New York. [Read More]
review - Make 'Em Laugh, the PBS treatment
Any great documentary leaves you feeling a greater knowledge and fulfillment about the subject matter, and wanting to further share your newfound knowledge with even more people. Any good documentary gives you insight into a subject and leaves you wanting more. Judging from the first two hours of the six-hour PBS treatment from WNET, Make 'Em Laugh, which debuts tonight (and I just finished watching via screener), you'll get a good, almost-great examination of the past century of comedy performa... [Read More]