Catching up with Bo Burnham | Punchline Magazine
Bo Burnham gained his power with an endearing, nerdy persona and YouTube. He was the youngest comedian to appear on “Comedy Central Presents,” and performed first for his family as a child at “Bo Shows.” He grew to 6′5″ but never outgrew of his need for attention. [Read More]
Matt Stone and Trey Parker Plan 'The Book Of Mormon' Broadway Musical | Comedy Central Insider
One of the more exciting things for theater nerds is the fact that Stone and Parker are teaming up with Avenue Q's Bobby Lopez and Jason Moore in creating a musical called The Book Of Mormon. [Read More]
Inside With's Mick Betancourt | The Apiary
Former Chicagoan Mick Betancourt is a bit of a post-modern Renaissance Man. Perhaps known best for his myriad work on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as writer, story editor, and co-producer, he is also a noted actor, director, and comedian. His most recent project in entertainment is a foray into Web 2.0, in the form of The Apiary had a chance to ask him about this newest addition to the Internet's ever-escalating comedic offerings, in addition to how a stand-up in Ch... [Read More]
Conan live - O'Brien begins comedy tour in Oregon tonight | AP
Conan O'Brien, who counted his viewers in the millions on NBC's "Tonight," is playing to a small-town crowd of 2,500 — and no TV cameras — as he opens a two-month, nationwide comedy tour Monday. [Read More]
Chris Ritter on closing the Lakeshore Theater | The A.V. Club Chicago
April Fools’ Day went out on a somber note last week when Chris Ritter announced his venue, the Lakeshore Theater, would be closing its doors this weekend with Australian comedian Jim Jefferies being the comedy club’s final act before the curtains go down indefinitely. The theater had been a staple for the local comedy scene, a venue that was able to draw the Mr. Show reunion performance last summer in addition to more scathing performances, like the recent ranting one from Jamie Kilstein. Whil... [Read More]
Portrait of a Comedian - Featuring Stuckey and Murray and Matt Wayne | The Apiary
Stuckey and Murray share songs galore, plus an amazing interview in which they discuss their first meeting (it ended in a kiss), their upcoming show at Bama-Jam, and Murray’s song collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus (seriously). [Read More]
Andy Richter Interview on The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun
Andy talked with TSOYA's Jesse Thorn about his early days, touring with The Real Brady Bunch and eventually falling into the sidekick's chair on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He talks about why he left that show, and why he rejoined Conan for The Tonight Show, and about what it was like to man a sinking ship after the staff of Tonight found out they were being pulled from the air. [Read More]
Paul Scheer Talks Web TV and Justin Bieber | PopEater
Paul Scheer gives us the scoop on the second annual Streamys, hints at his plan to turn 'Human Giant' into a feature film, and tells us what he really thinks of Justin Bieber. [Read More]
Conan O'Brien Tweets on Lamar Digital Billboards nationwide | MediaPost
Conan O'Brien is Tweeting on digital billboards nationwide courtesy of billboard owner Lamar. The ostensible goal of the campaign is to give Conan fans a dose of his snark, which has sadly gone missing from late-night TV since he left NBC in less than amiable circumstances. [Read More]
Norm MacDonald on the future of his career, fascination with death and being an unpredictable talk-show guest | The A.V. Club Chicago
The A.V. Club chatted with Norm MacDonald about the future of his career, his fascination with death, and his sparkling reputation as an unpredictable talk-show guest. [Read More]