The Mel Blanc Project kicks off in Portland
Portland's Mel Blanc Project is a series of public history/art education events made possible in part by a grant from the Kinsman Foundation and by a grant from the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation.. [Read More]
BBC Comedy hits the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011
This year at the Fringe all areas of the BBCwill combine their talents under one roof near Bristo Square from the 12th to the 27th of August to bring you the funny. Here's a snapshot of just some of the entertainment and comedy that will feature across this two week period. [Read More]
“Book of Mormon” radio channel coming to Sirius XM
This weekend South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be launching a limited-run channel on SiriusXM satellite radio to support their critically acclaimed Broadway musical The Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon Radio channel will feature interviews with the show’s cast, creative team and of course, songs from the cast recording. It will air on channel 104. [Read More]
Marc Maron on his WTF dream guests & why he loves his cats (video interview)
HuffPo had a chance to have a "real conversation" with Maron before his first show in BK where we heard about how he conducts "WTF," who he wants to book as dream guests and just why he loves cats so much. We also taped a portion of Maron's opening rant featuring some insight into New York vs. L.A., why babies frighten him and Maron's perpetual sweating dilemma (the lack of A.C. really was unfortunate). [Read More]
The Hemi Q&A: Louis C.K.
"I never think of myself as angry. I’m open to any idea. I want to be in a state of constant reanalysis of everything, because life’s more interesting that way. Once you make judgments and rules for what you’ve decided to believe, you’re missing out on discovering things you might not have any idea about." [Read More]
RIP: Leonard Stern ("Get Smart", "The Honeymooners", Abbot and Costello)
Leonard Stern, a producer, writer and director who worked on some of the most memorable American comedy series of the 20th Century, has died at the age of 87. He started his career writing for the likes of Abbot and Costello, Phil Silvers, and Steve Allen. He became a regular writer on the two versions of The Jackie Gleason show in the mid-Fifties and late Sixties – as well as his TV sitcom The Honeymooners. But his biggest hit was the spoof spy series Get Smart, which he produced as well as wri... [Read More]
Maya Rudolph on joining Bridesmaids, leaving SNL, and being manhandled by Bill Murray
"It's where I feel my heart is the most, the place I feel I gained the most confidence. It's a weekly show, so we had to create all these new characters every week; you really develop yourself there because you're constantly writing, figuring out your voice, producing these pieces. The choice to go was hard. I was raising a family, my daughter was very young at time, and it's an arduous schedule. You're writing constantly, then by the time Monday rolls around you're pitching new ideas, then writ... [Read More]
Inside the Spanish Version of Saturday Night Live That Aired on Thursdays
Spanish production company Globomedia opted to keep the title, naming its version “Saturday Night Live.” Despite preserving the namesake though, the programming department at Cuatro, the channel on which it airs, failed to honor the proper timeslot. Spain’s Saturday Night Live actually airs on Thursday nights and not at 11:30, but rather in primetime. Hmm. [Read More]
Alec Baldwin Considers Run For NYC Mayor
Alec Baldwin is mulling a run for mayor of New York City now that kinky Congressman Anthony Weiner appears to have sexted himself out of the 2013 race. The “30 Rock” star, who has long talked about running for political office, believes Weinergate has shaken up the field of candidates enough that he might have a chance to win, a friend of the actor told The Daily. [Read More]
The Novels of John Swartzwelder, the Most Prolific Simpsons Writer Ever
John Swartzwelder is the J. D. Salinger of comedy writing. The prolific Simpsons writer (he's written 59 episodes of The Simpsons, far more than any other writer, even when the show is quickly approaching five hundred episodes) has since written a novel a year. I read all eight of Swartzwelder's novels in a row and have put my impressions together here, hopefully in a way that's slightly less absurdist than Swartzwelder's prose. [Read More]