Weird Al Reveals the Secrets of Comedy
"Many parodists and satirists go for the jugular, but I’ve always gone for humor that was a little less biting and derogatory. I like to say that my parodies are more of a poke in the ribs than a punch in the face." - Weird Al to Fast Company in a delightful and detailed interview about his song-parodying process. [Read More]
Talking to Kristen Schaal about 'Bob's Burgers' and Being More Autobiographical On Stage
Between prominent roles in Bob's Burgers, The Daily Show, 30 Rock, and Flight of the Conchords, it seems like Kristen Schaal has had a part in just about every great TV comedy over the past few years. In addition to her busy TV and movie career, Schaal is also an accomplished stand-up, having hosted... [Read More]
Pete Holmes Needs Your Help Making It Weird
Pete Holmes's excellent interview podcast You Made It Weird is about to hit a major milestone: its 100th episode. For the big episode, Holmes is copying Marc Maron once again by having another comedian interview him, choosing Chelsea Peretti for his 100th wheareas Maron opted for Mike Birbiglia for his 200th. Holmes has requested, via Twitter, for fans to submit questions for Chelsea to ask him.. [Read More]
Remembering Alan Kirschenbaum
Alan Kirschenbaum, co-creator of the sitcom Yes, Dear for CBS, who also had a midseason sitcom readying to debut on CBS in early 2013 called Friend Me, died on Friday. He was only 51. Kirschenbaum's father is Freddie Roman, dean of the Friars Club. [Read More]
Ben Stiller, Bonnie Hunt, and Bradley Whitford All Working on ABC Comedies
Information on two new ABC sitcoms came in over the weekend, from several entertainment industry veterans. ABC bought a new pilot called compliKATEd from producer Ben Stiller (via his company Red Hour Productions) and starring Bonnie Hunt, according to Deadline. Hunt will write the ensemble comedy, ... [Read More]
Adult Swim Picks Up Dan Harmon's New Animated Show, Coming in Late 2013
We reported earlier this year that Dan Harmon created an Adult Swim pilot called Rick and Morty with his Channel 101 cohort Justin Roiland, but just this weekend, it was announced via Roiland's Twitter that Adult Swim has ordered the show to series. Harmon and Dino Stamatopoulos's production company... [Read More]
Gallery: 2012 Toronto Improv Festival
This past week, the Toronto Improv Festival has been enjoying its 11th year of high-end yes-anding. The second of two improv festivals in the city this month (as we said before, it’s a long story) the TIF wraps up Saturday night at the Factory Theatre wi... [Read More]
Todd Glass and Moshe Kasher's New Specials Are Now on Netflix Instant
Netflix is dropping two new hour-long stand-up specials today, one from Todd Glass and another from Moshe Kasher. Both are available on streaming. Glass's special is creatively titled Todd Glass: Stand-Up Special, while Kasher's, Live in Oakland, sees the comedian returning to his hometown for the p... [Read More]
Jack Black, Steve Agee, and Rob Schrab Sell a Show to FX
Jack Black's company Electric Dynamite is developing a half-hour show written by The Sarah Silverman Program's Steve Agee and Rob Schrab, Deadline reports. Black, Agee, and Schrab are all veterans of Channel 101, the long-running monthly short film festival that Schrab co-created with Dan Harmon. Ag... [Read More]
Showrunner Mike Schur Talks the Future of 'Parks and Rec'
Last night's Halloween episode of Parks and Recreation had a big surprise in store for a couple of its major characters, and showrunner/co-creator Mike Schur held a conference call today to talk to reporters about the direction of the show in the wake of Leslie and Ben's engagement. Schur said the o... [Read More]