Australia is Mad at Robin Williams |
During his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman this week, Williams made a joke about how Australians are really just "English rednecks," and that if "Darwin had landed in Australia, he would have gone 'I'm wrong. I don't know what I was thinking.'" His comments have upset Australia's Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, who suggested that Williams "spend some time in Alabama" before taking shots at the Land Down Under. [Read More]
Laugh Track - April 2010 | The A.V. Club
t’s a great time to be a comedy fan, and Laugh Track, The A.V. Club’s new monthly column, will round up new and noteworthy stand-up, sketch, and online video, much of it courtesy of under-the-radar comedians with a little too much time on their hands. [Read More]
Bobby Moynihan Seems Really Nice | Comedy Central Insider
Bobby Moynihan has been a Saturday Night Live stand-out since he was added to the cast in 2008. Having worked at UCB for ten years before getting his big TV break, Moynihan mostly talks in this video about how grateful he is to be working on SNL. He also talks about following up his crazy work schedule by performing in ASSSSCAT at UCB every Sunday. In conclusion, Bobby Moynihan is great, and here he is being interviewed because he's great. [Read More]
Chicago Checklist - TJ Miller, Prescott Tolk, "Jones Big/Cheap/Good Ass" and more | The Apiary
Chicago comedy never rests, not even in our typical below 0 winters. However, spring brings with it a kinetic energy that permeates throughout the city and into back rooms, onto rock club stages, over to performance cafes, and spills out onto city streets after hours. Here's a brief round-up of happenings in the city and with our comedy brothers and sisters on the coasts [Read More]
Sarah Silverman Injects Some Funny Into Global Warming Debate | OnEarth Magazine
Take one irreverant comedian. Add an open bar, a hybrid sedan, and one of the most serious problems facing life on Earth. Mix it all up with a live DJ and plunk it down in a sleek, enormous open space on New York City's west side on a dark and stormy night. What you get is "The Darker Side of Green," last night's climate change debate between two media-savvy environmental journalists Amanda Little and Phelim McAleer, emcee'd by comedian Sarah Silverman, and sponsored by luxury car maker Lexus. [Read More]
Brian Kiley talks about creating comedy with Conan O'Brien at IU | Indiana Daily Student
"He said his job of writing 40 or 50 jokes daily functions similarly to a daily newspaper, where there is no time to worry about quality because of deadlines. The added perks of working with O’Brien involved silly moments where he pretended to light himself on fire with a glass of scotch and drapery.." [Read More]
Angry TSOYA Listeners Don't Want, Can't Provide For God's Pottery's "Adoption Song" | The Apiary
God's Pottery was on The Sound of Young America last week singing a reportedly uplifting song about adoption, but little did they know, the people on the other end of the radio were sitting with their arms crossed in an ice cold room, staring despondently in unshakeable horror and disbelief. [Read More]
D.L. Hughley suing Zanzibar nightclub over event, flier with his name | Washington Post
The radio ads said D.L. Hughley was going to appear at D.C.'s Zanzibar nightclub last Friday. That was news to Hughley's promoter. [Read More]
Sarah Silverman Playboy Interview - April 2010
"Silverman and I spent an afternoon in her West Hollywood apartment, lounging on the couch and snuggling with Duck, her 15-year-old Chihuahua-pug mix (he has a recurring role on The Sarah Silverman Program as Doug). She is exactly what you’d expect her to be and exactly the opposite. One minute she’ll describe how she and her comic friends enjoy saying the word raaaaaaaape while belching. The next she’ll suddenly grow sentimental, talking about how much she believes in love. Spend enough time wi... [Read More]
Chelsea Handler on Thongs, the Jersey Shore, and Why God Loves Sushi | Miami News
"If you're going to do a show every night where you make fun of other people, it's important to make sure that everybody knows, first and foremost, that you're very good at making fun of yourself." [Read More]