Aidy Bryant on 'SNL' Reviews: "We're Definitely Aware of It"
by Megh Wright "I mean we're definitely aware of it. We hear things. Some of us read more and some of us don't. One of the things we talk about a lot within the cast is how much the show now is broken down into three-minute chunks and dissected. I don't think that happened in the '90s and the '80s a... [Read More]
Veronica Osorio (@vaov) on People-Watching and Reading Tweets Out Loud
by Jenny Nelson Veronica Osorio is a comedian, writer, and actress raised in Venezuela and living in New York City. She performs regularly at the UCB Theater in New York with her Maude team (212), and she’s made and starred in a variety of web series and videos that you can find on her Youtube... [Read More]
Ken Marino's Kids Have Learned His Famous Catchphrase from 'The State'
by Megh Wright Marry Me star Ken Marino was a guest on last night's Late Night, where he admitted to teaching his five and seven-year-old children that his famous The State catchphrase is just how adults greet one another. So there you have it: Somewhere out there there's a mini Ken Marino saying "I... [Read More]
'Conan' Prop Master Bill Tull Offers Some Budget-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas
by Megh Wright Fancy Halloween costumes can be a drain on the wallet, but during last night's Conan, prop master Bill Tull made another appearance and offered up some costume ideas that are more potentially offensive, dangerous, and/or deadly than they are expensive. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Announces His Last 'Colbert Report' Episode Will Be December 18th
by Megh Wright During last night's Colbert Report, Stephen took a moment to shamelessly hawk the paperback edition of his 2012 book America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't, but not without good reason: Colbert announced that the official date for the final episode of the show is no... [Read More]
Chelsea Handler posts topless Instagram photo, slams sexism (NSFW)
Chelsea Handler, in order to poke fun at a now classic and bizarre photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has posted a topless Instagram photo of herself atop a horse. “Taking this down is sexist. I have every right to prove I have a better body than Putin,” Handler wrote alongside h... [Read More]
Today's Funniest Tweets
by WitStream Billy Eichner SIRI IS A LESBIAN Jim Earl BREAKING: Apple chief Tim Cook says he's "proud to be gay" but "ashamed of my boring, beige penis." ... [Read More]
Michael Showalter Is Producing a Sci-Fi Comedy for FX
by Megh Wright FX might add a science fiction company with Michael Showalter onboard as producer. Deadline reports that the network has put a series in development written by 1600 Penn and Super Fun Night writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit called Daedalus 6. No plot details have been revealed yet... [Read More]
Joel McHale Extends His Contract with E! Through 2016
by Megh Wright Fans of Joel McHale as host of E! show The Soup don't have to worry about him leaving anytime soon — at least not for the next two years. Deadline reports that McHale's contract with the network has been renewed through 2016. As part of the deal, McHale will continue to host The... [Read More]
The Season 5 'Comedians in Cars' Trailer Features Amy Schumer, Fred Armisen, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, and Bill Burr
by Megh Wright Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee returns with a brand new season on November 6th, and Crackle released the first trailer today featuring Amy Schumer, Fred Armisen, Jimmy Fallon (on a boat), Kevin Hart, and Bill Burr chugging a cigar much like Crackle presid... [Read More]