Image of Steven Wright on collaborating on 'Louie' & using social media
Steven Wright on collaborating on 'Louie' & using social media
"It's like this giant circus and the social media is a circus tent with all this madness inside of it. I go in every once in a while to say some things and look around and I leave the tent. I'm mostly outside of the tent." [Read More]
Charm City Comedy Festival adjusts schedule to accommodate Baltimore curfew
If any American city could use a charm offensive right about now, it's Baltimore. And yet, the second annual Charm City Comedy Festival -- set to begin Wednesday and run through Sunday in Baltimore -- has been forced to scrap and/or move several of its shows this week due to the city's curfew. Maryl... [Read More]
IFC Orders David Krumholtz's 'Gigi's Bucket List' to Series
by Megh Wright David Krumholtz has been developing a new comedy for IFC since November, and today the network announced that it's headed to TV soon with an eight-episode first season. Titled Gigi's Bucket List, the half-hour series centers on Krumholtz as a Jewish grandmother named Gertrude Rotblum ... [Read More]
SAG-AFTRA issues “Do Not Work” order against duo of “reality” series filming comedians and their families
SAG-AFTRA has issued a "no-contract, no-work" order against L. Plummer Media, which is currently filming both Comedians of LA for Esquire and Living With Funny for the Oxygen Network simultaneously. The actors' union notes that the production is for "a single series, produced by a single compan... [Read More]
Diving Into Late Night Head-First with Saurin Choksi
by Isaac Kozell As a kid growing up in Texas, Saurin Choksi always loved comedy. After graduating college and moving to Detroit to take a job working for Ford, Choksi decided to do something about that love: he started taking classes at Second City. He worked his way up the improv school's chain bef... [Read More]
David Krumholtz drag comedy Gigi’s Bucket List ordered by IFC
IFC has given a series order, eight episodes, to Gigi’s Bucket List, which features David Krumholtz in drag playing a newly rich 76-year-old widow. The series revolves around the adventures of Gertrude “Gigi” Rotblum, a newly widowed “yenta,” per IFC, who discovers her ... [Read More]
Molly Shannon and Paul Reiser join the cast of dramatic comedy Miles
Molly Shannon and Paul Reiser have joined the dramatic comedy Miles, which is currently shooting in New York City. The story centers on a young gay man who discovers his recently deceased father has squandered his tuition fund in an illicit affair. He joins the girls’ volleyball team in his sm... [Read More]
David Krumholtz is the elderly widow Gigi in IFC’s newly ordered series, “Gigi’s Bucket List”
David Krumholtz will become an elderly widow for laughs later this year, as IFC announced today it has ordered eight half-hour episodes of his sitcom, Gigi's Bucket List. The series stars Krumholtz as Gertrude Rotblum ("Gigi"), a 76-year-old woman who discovers a previously unknown bank account in h... [Read More]
“Filthy Sexy Teen$” gets series order to jumpstart FOX’s digital development slate
FOX's new digital comedy development ventures received a boost today with the announcement that high-school soap opera parody Filthy Sexy Teen$ would receive an eight-episode order from Fullscreen. It's one of several projects coming from Keith Quinn and Jonathan Stern, but unique in that ... [Read More]
Colin Quinn Drops by 'The Nightly Show' as Pinocchio
by Megh Wright Last night's Nightly Show took a closer look at Bruce Jenner's coming-out interview with Diane Sawyer, so during the show Wilmore invited Pinocchio to the desk to give some perspective as a man who once made a very public transition of his own. Pinocchio comes out as a strong supporte... [Read More]