Owen Benjamin on The Late Late Show
Owen Benjamin performed on Friday's The Late Late Show with guest host Kunal Nayyar. Benjamin came ready with plenty of driving etiquette tips -- for one thing, we need to control our monster road-rage impulses, and having only one type of horn isn't helping matters. Benjamin also has tips for succe... [Read More]
Dakota Johnson hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and it was 50 Shades of… something punny
Alright, here we have it, our first episode of Saturday Night Live since SNL 40 turned the world on its head, and the Dakota Johnson (at her first time hosting) continues to appear all over the place to plug 50 Shades of Grey as the guy who played the film’s title character continues to grow [... [Read More]
Watch Car Thief Knock Himself Out When Brick Bounces Off Window In ‘Thick With The Brick’ Video
An Irish thief dubbed the “Thick With The Brick” has set a new bar for dumb criminals. The unidentified man was knocked out by a brick he threw while trying to smash a car window. And the video is quickly going viral. The “Thick With The Brick” video starts with the criminal ... [Read More]
SNL #40.14 RECAP: Host Dakota Johnson, musical guest Alabama Shakes
We've known for two weeks now that not only was Dakota Johnson hosting, but that we'd have plenty of references to her starring role in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Johnson mentioned it during #SNL40, and all of the promos leaned on the source material's S&M/T&A. I cannot hel... [Read More]
‘Saturday Night Live’ ISIS Sketch Went Too Far? Dakota Johnson ‘SNL’ Parody Ad For Terrorist Organization Slammed As Insensitive (VIDEO)
Saturday Night Live may have gone too far with an ISIS parody sketch. SNL producers are facing heavy Twitter backlash after a skit that featured a young woman (played by host Dakota Johnson) leaving home to join the terrorist organization. This SNL ISIS skit was a parody of the recent Toyota ad that... [Read More]
Conan pulled the ultimate prank on Bill Cosby while at Harvard
It appears that Conan O’Brien was able to pull off one of the greatest celebrity pranks of all time yet never shared the details of his awesome feat, until now. The popular talk show host revealed on his recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show that while attending Harvard Universi... [Read More]
This week in comedy: we parted ways with “Parks and Recreation”
It’s been a sad couple of weeks for Parks and Recreation recently. Last week, we said an unexpected and heartbreaking goodbye to one of the show’s producers, comedian Harris Wittels. This week, the farewells continued; the show that he spent so much time around ended,... [Read More]
This Week in Comedy: 'Parks and Rec' Says Goodbye
by Stephanie Simon -Parks and Recreation ended its wonderful run, and we took a look at the idealism that defined the show and how it transcended its mockumentary roots. -We remembered Harris Wittels by compiling some of our favorite Wittels podcast appearances. -Chunklet magazine issued a long-out-... [Read More]
Paul F. Tompkins and Scott Aukerman Look Back on Some Classic '90s Memories
by Megh Wright It's a great week to learn about some of Scott Aukerman's lesser-known television projects. First it was Scott Through the Heart, and during his appearance on Fusion's No, You Shut Up! he got super nostalgic for the '90s with host Paul F. Tompkins, which reminded the guys about their ... [Read More]
Jim Gaffigan’s chili is contagious; live tour planned for summer 2015
Jim Gaffigan wanted to make an important announcement today about chili, so let's hear it for Jim! OK, so maybe it was about more than just a good bowl of chili. Turns out Gaffigan -- who's currently in production on the first season of The Jim Gaffigan Show for a summer premiere on both TV Land an... [Read More]