Watch a Special Edition of 'Billy on the Street' with Martin Short
by Megh Wright Last night NBC aired a TV special for their charity event Red Nose Day, and the night included a brand new segment of Billy on the Street with special guest Martin Short. Instead of giving away dollars, this time Billy Eichner and Martin Short are looking for a round of on-the-street ... [Read More]
The first images from Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp coming soon to Netflix
The anticipation for the return of Wet Hot American Summer is at an all-time high once word was out that it was officially happening. And now we are getting our first look at the series coming to Netflix July 17. Here you’ll find several action shots of your favorite cast members including Gen... [Read More]
Photos from the set of Netflix’s “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp”
How do you pull off a prequel to a cult comedy movie 15 years later? It's not exactly movie magic, but it'll be funny. “We thought it was funny that in the original we played a bunch of thirty year olds playing teenagers. Now we’re in our forties and our characters are even younger,... [Read More]
Breaking Down Each Cast Member's Contribution to 'SNL' Season 40
by Erik Voss With SNL's 40th season wrapped up, we're taking a look back at the past year to recall the highs, lows, and other memorable moments as the show ended its fourth decade on the air. In this final post, we discuss the cast members on the show. Being in the cast of SNL for season 40 was a b... [Read More]
Meet the cast of Hulu’s “The Hotwives of Las Vegas”
Casey Wilson told Seth Meyers earlier this year that Hulu's Hotwives franchise would follow the American Horror Story anthology model, using the same actresses over and over but recasting them in new roles. So whom from The Hotwives of Orlando will be rejoining Wilson for the next installment, The H... [Read More]
Jenny Zigrino on Conan, “You wanna take this to pound town, I’m the f*ckin’ Mayor”
Comedian Zigrino takes on the topics of neighborhood dog joggers, dating Jesus, and being covered in vaginas in her set on Conan. She also got to say F*&k twice. Jenny Zigrino on Conan, “You wanna take this to pound town, I’m the f*ckin’ Mayor” appeared first on The Laugh... [Read More]
Bill Murray’s “A Very Murray Christmas” comes to Netflix
That Bill Murray Christmas special is happening, and you'll have to have Netflix to see it come December. Netflix decked the first halls today for A Very Murray Christmas with a promotional teaser clip. It features Murray as himself (or a version thereof) who's trying to make a TV special in th... [Read More]
Here's the First Teaser for Bill Murray's Netflix Christmas Special
by Megh Wright Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola have been working on a Christmas special since last year, and now it finally has a name, home, and very first teaser. A Very Murray Christmas is officially headed to Netflix this December, and George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Miley Cyrus are... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien Discovers His Entire Staff Wants Jordan Schlansky Fired
by Megh Wright During last night's Conan, O'Brien debuted a brand new remote segment filmed in the Conaco offices in which he visits some of his production staff to give them a yearly performance review. While Conan's ultimate goal is to fire three employees, there's one Conaco worker who everyone s... [Read More]
David Letterman's 'Late Show' Set Is Already Getting Thrown in a Dumpster
by Megh Wright The Late Show with David Letterman finale ended less than 24 hours ago, but CBS is already hard at work moving most of the iconic late night set into its new home: a big dumpster outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York. According to the New York Post, crews began hauling off parts... [Read More]