This Week in Comedy: The 'Simpsons' Marathon Begins
by Stephanie Simon -The Simpsons marathon kicked off this week on FXX and we had the full schedule. -We looked at why The Richard Pryor Special deserves a prominent placement in Pryor’s repertoire of greatness. -The iconic voice of SNL Don Pardo died at 96. -Alex Honnet and Caitlin Stepha... [Read More]
Kyle Kinane tells the story about how he became a Screeching Weasel fan
Anyone familiar with Kyle Kinane’s comedy isn’t surprised that he’s a fan of music. He often discusses it in his act and has been known to do projects involving bands over the years. So when he was asked to take the stage for SideOneDummy’s Storytellers and talk about an albu... [Read More]
Maria Bamford Candidly Explains Her Mental Health Struggles on 'Modern Comedian'
by Megh Wright Scott Moran released a new episode of his documentary series Modern Comedian today focusing on standup Maria Bamford, who opens up at length about her struggles with bipolar disorder and the time she had to check herself into a psychiatric ward. It's a powerful, fantastic episode that... [Read More]
SNL’s 40th anniversary includes State Farm partnership bringing back Hans & Franz, Richmeister for NFL ads with Aaron Rodgers
To say this year's State Farm "Discount Double Check" TV campaign is copying what worked for them last year isn't saying it all. Say "makin' copies!" And get ready for the return of the Richmeister, as Rob Schneider has resurrected his classic Saturday Night Live character for a new ad debuting on T... [Read More]
Embracing the Absurd: A conversation with Kate Berlant
Kate Berlant is an enigmatic performer. Her unique brand of stand-up is delightfully absurd and hilarious. She recently was invited to Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival this year as one of their “New Faces of Comedy,” where she was one of the fest’s stand outs. I caught up ... [Read More]
Rachel Dratch and Megan Mullally Will Appear in the Final Season of 'Parks and Rec'
by Megh Wright Parks and Recreation's next season will be its last, and the show is lining up some special guest stars. Entertainment Weekly reports that Amy Poehler's fellow SNL alum Rachel Dratch has signed on to appear in at least one episode "with a potential to return," but details on her role ... [Read More]
Darrell Hammond Says He'd "Be Honored and Thrilled" to Take Over Don Pardo's 'SNL' Duties
by Megh Wright In the wake of iconic SNL announcer Don Pardo's passing, the show now has the tall order of hiring a replacement to announce the cast's names at the start of each episode. While Pardo's timeless voice and presence can't be replicated, longtime cast member Darrell Hammond has come pret... [Read More]
Inside Siobhan Thompson's Twitter and Tweeting What's In Your Brain
by Jenny Nelson Originally from Britain and now located in New York, Siobhan Thompson performs and writes for the UCBNY Maude team Alamo, hosts and writes for BBC Ameria’s Anglophenia web series, and has appeared on various TV shows. On Twitter, Thompson goes by the handle @vornietom and has ... [Read More]
Review: Katt Williams, Priceless: Afterlife (HBO)
The most important, timely stand-up special of 2014 has come from Katt Williams. Forget the opening with the hype man saying "let's get ready to chuckle!" and the smoke and the dancing girls and the set of thrones and his pimping jacket. Beyond all the pomp, the circumstances of this particular pimp... [Read More]
Lena Dunham and Her Stunt Double Star in This Season 4 'Girls' Teaser
by Megh Wright The fourth season of Girls has gone into production, and HBO released the above teaser today that shows Lena Dunham — or someone who looks like Lena Dunham — falling off her bike at the University of Iowa — or a campus that looks like the University of Iowa, consider... [Read More]