Today's Funniest Tweets
by WitStream Eliza Bayne Earth Day is the "Sorry I cheated on you but here's a box of chocolates" of holidays Sean Crespo Twitter but for cows but instead of typing jokes it's just food that gr... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert tells David Letterman ‘I’m going to do whatever you’ve done on Late Show’ (Video)
David Letterman welcomes Stephen Colbert on Late Show tonight, which would be cause for celebration on any normal day. But tonight is even more special, since it’s Colbert’s first time on Late Show with David Letterman since being announced as Letterman’s replacement in 2015. CBS h... [Read More]
Here's a Short Clip of Colbert on 'Letterman' Tonight
by Bradford Evans Stephen Colbert is making an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman tonight to sit down with the man whose job he's taking next year, and CBS just released this short snippet from the interview. In it, Stephen Colbert wears a new thick pair of glasses that may just end up be... [Read More]
“Maron” set to return on May 8th, boasts huge list of guest stars
The second season of Marc Maron’s IFC TV show Maron premieres on May 8th. And, we’re all very patiently waiting. So far we’ve seen a teaser clip, heard about some guests that are going to be on the new season of the show. However, today a huge list of guest stars for the next seaso... [Read More]
There's a Real Website for 'Silicon Valley's Pied Piper
by Bradford Evans HBO has launched, a website for the app from the show Silicon Valley, featuring a super wordy explanation of the technology ("we hope will make the world a better place through compression services across diversified market segments") and bios for the show's main char... [Read More]
Eddie Izzard ‘Force Majeure’ Interview: ‘The Melting Pot can save the World’
On the surface, Eddie Izzard and Arnold Schwarzenegger don’t seem to have much in common. Izzard is hilarious; Schwarzenegger isn’t funny (on purpose, at least). Izzard is a slight dude – barely 5’8” – who cross-dresses and wears lipstick while Schwarzenegger stan... [Read More]
Ed Begley Jr. Is a Cool Priest on 'Portlandia'
by Bradford Evans Here's a sketch from tomorrow's episode of Portlandia, in which Ed Begley Jr. plays a priest rebranding his church for a new audience and also trying acupuncture for the first time. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Work stoppage threatens Last Comic Standing’s post-production editing
Producers of NBC's Last Comic Standing hope to resolve a work stoppage that left them without their editing crew Monday when they walked off the job, seeking a union contract. "We're union supporters, so we're confident it'll be worked out to everyone's satisfaction," producers told The Comic's... [Read More]
Watch Amy Schumer Instantly Regret Going to Couples Counseling
by Megh Wright Here's a new clip from tonight's Inside Amy Schumer where Amy and her boyfriend go to couples counseling, which unfortunately for Amy is led by supermodel Chrissy Teigen, whose nerdy counselor glasses do little to take away from the "communication" problem Amy's trying to fix. 0 Comm... [Read More]
The American Comedy Awards to honor Bill Cosby with Lifetime Achievement award
The American Comedy Awards is one of comedy’s biggest nights. As we previously reported, the awards ceremony has made a nice bump from Comedy Central to NBC this year. The show honored both David Letterman (2011) and Don Rickles (2012) with one of it’s most prestigious awards, The Johnny... [Read More]