ABC is moving forward with “Uncle Buck” sitcom reboot starring Mike Epps
In October of last year, ABC announced plans that it was developing another sitcom based on the iconic John Candy film, Uncle Buck. If you didn’t burn it from memory, this isn’t the first time network brass have tried to adapt the movie for the small screen, attempting to do it in 1990 a... [Read More]
Beth Stelling on Jimmy Kimmel Live, “It’s so great to be here instead of getting married and having kids”
Beth was on Kimmel last night promoting her dates at the upcoming SXSW festival. She discusses her Ikea family, Ohio, and her virgin mother. Enjoy. We did. Beth Stelling on Jimmy Kimmel Live, “It’s so great to be here instead of getting married and having kids” appeared first on Th... [Read More]
Derrick Beckles and the Art of Weirdness
by Ian Goldstein Derrick Beckles has made his career out of pursuing the subversive and strange. Growing up in Canada, Beckles was inspired by the absurdity of infomercials and paid programming, eventually creating TV Carnage, a compilation of bad clips from public access shows and infomercials... [Read More]
FXX’s Man Seeking Woman renewed for second season
FXX has renewed the Jay Baruchel comedy for a second season. The show is about a sad-sack guy, played by Baruchel, in search of love and his sweet and surreal adventures will return for an additional 10 episodes in 2016. Created by Simon Rich and based on his ... [Read More]
Here are Chris Hemsworth’s “Saturday Night Live” promos
Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth his hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. What does that mean for us? Well, first off, probably a lot of superhero jokes. It also means we might get ourselves a cameo or two from the rest of the Marvel Universe. Zach Brown is also the musical guest on the show, and ... [Read More]
Watch the red band trailer for “Get Hard” with Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell
Get Hard hits theaters on March 27th. The movie stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Ferrell portrays a white collar criminal who recruits Hart to teach him how to prep for prison. Additionally, the movie stars Alison Brie (Community), Matt Walsh (Veep), Jay Pharoah (SNL), and Dan Bakkedahl (The Heat)... [Read More]
Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth Attempt the 'Dirty Dancing' Lift in These 'SNL' Promos
by Megh Wright Chris Hemsworth makes his SNL hosting debut this weekend, and NBC released the first round of promos featuring Hemsworth and Kate McKinnon, who thinks Hemsworth is the perfect host to attempt the Dirty Dancing lift with…but it probably would've turned out better if Hemsworth ha... [Read More]
H. Jon Benjamin Shows Off His British Accent on 'Conan'
by Megh Wright Here's a clip from H. Jon Benjamin's visit to last night's Conan, where he looks back on the day he landed the role of Sterling Archer and panicked because he thought he'd have to do a British accent. Watch more from the interview below: 0 Comments... [Read More]
Beth Stelling on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Beth Stelling reminded us on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live that her siblings and mother still live back in Ohio, as if they didn't have a choice in the matter. As Stelling jokes, her mother also seems to have problems figuring out her cell phone plan and options, and could use more than a little bit o... [Read More]
Wet Hot American Summer Netflix prequel series gets July premiere date
Hello, Camp Firewood! Everything sure is coming up WHAS these days, isn’t it? First, they announced the prequel mini series, to be released on Netflix. Then we found out that the ENTIRE CAST would be returning. (Yup, even the Oscar nominees). Oh yeah, there was also Wet Hot American Summer: Th... [Read More]