Brian Kiley on Late Show with David Letterman
Brian Kiley returned to the Late Show with David Letterman on Friday to deliver another stand-up performance, and the longtime Conan writer did indeed stand and deliver with more of his witty one-liners and jokes. Now that his kids are older, he and his wife have new issues dealing with them and wit... [Read More]
This week in comedy: we launched a podcast
We’re on the map! This week marked the premiere of our Laugh Button Podcast. Our weekly podcast (we’ve already aired one) is a partnership with Riotcast that recounts everything happening lately in the comedy world. Later in the week, we hosted Brooks Wheelan. Yo... [Read More]
For a good time, give Hannibal Buress some Coors Light and put him on a boat
Hannibal Buress is hard at work out on the road for his Comedy Comisada Tour. But sometimes when you work hard you have to play hard. Case in point at a stop in Florida, Buress and his entourage took to the water. The libations (Coors Light) flowed and Buress gave us an update of what […] For... [Read More]
In preparation for the Super Bowl, comedians who are fans of both teams face off
This weekend is the Super Bowl! So before the teams square off, the fans do what the fans do best, and that’s take digs at the opposing team’s fans. So, in an ESPN Enemy Territory spot, New England Patriots fans Gary Gulman, Nick DiPaolo, and Max Weisz square off on Seattle Seahawks fans... [Read More]
Jen Kirkman: The Laughspin Interview (or Proof of why Jen Kirkman is the Shit)
Chatting one-on-one with Jen Kirkman is a little bit like breaking into the Museum of Natural History after hours. It’s an act that manages to be both nerdy and rebellious, where one could simply wander unsupervised through the halls, soaking up every ounce of information while giggling openly... [Read More]
This Week in Comedy: Louis C.K. Released a New Special and the 'Ghostbusters' Reboot Got Its Cast
by Stephanie Simon -What do Kristen Wig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy all have in common?  Well, they’re reportedly your new Ghostbusters cast, and we told you everything we know so far about the franchise’s reboot. -Louis C.K.’s newest standup specia... [Read More]
Martin Starr Lives a Slowmo Life in New Short Film 'Leonard in Slow Motion'
by Megh Wright Vice released a new short film this week from writer/director Peter Livolsi called Leonard in Slow Motion, and it's a sweetly sad look at a day in the life of a man (played by Martin Starr) with a rare condition that keeps him stuck in a constant state of slow motion. The short also s... [Read More]
Kristen Wiig Wins the Lottery in the First Trailer for 'Welcome to Me'
by Megh Wright Before she starts busting ghosts, Kristen Wiig stars in a new film due out this year called Welcome to Me, which follows her as a woman named Alice with borderline personality disorder who decides to launch her own talk show after winning the lottery. The film has the backing of Will ... [Read More]
Have Some Fun on a Boat with Hannibal Buress
by Megh Wright Hannibal Buress might have retired as a restaurant reviewer, but he's back with a brand new Comedy Camisado tour video, this time on a boat (also known as a "social lubricant"), without any lunch, while drinking some Coors Light: "I guess I'm gonna review the experience of being on a ... [Read More]
Check Out the Latest Trailer for Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair's 'High Maintenance'
by Megh Wright Web series-turned-Vimeo On Demand hit High Maintenance is back for a new round of episodes on February 5th, and Vimeo just released a new trailer. For more on High Maintenance, check out our interview with creators Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair and our review of the last three epis... [Read More]