Craig Ferguson to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot “The King of 7B”
Craig Ferguson has found his next broadcast role, acting. Something he is no stranger too. He recently spent time on TVLand’s hit Hot In Cleveland. And speaking of Cleveland, 179 episodes of playing Drew Carey’s boss in The Drew Carey Show. His acting career started all the way back... [Read More]
Charlie Rose Tries, and Fails, to Figure Out Larry David
by Megh Wright Charlie Rose sat down with Larry David over the weekend to talk about his Broadway debut in Fish in the Dark, and he attempted to understand the "real" Larry David but only got these responses: "Who the hell knows?" and "I'm like everybody else. I'm a jerk." David manages to stay simu... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: Business as Usual with Dakota Johnson
by Erik Voss Two weeks ago, SNL's 40th anniversary reminded us what we love about this show. The routine scrutiny fell silent at the images that once captured each generation: the classic setups like "Celebrity Jeopardy," "Nick the Lounge Singer," and "Wayne's World"; the to... [Read More]
This Week on TV: Conan learns Cuban slang, dances salsa, and rolls cigars on “Conan in Cuba”
Conan in Cuba. It happened and we get to witness it on the Wednesday March 4th episode of Conan. The Havana excursion, which Team Coco’s editors are still furiously cutting together, represents a new form for him, an hour-long episode where he is the perpetual “fish out of water”. ... [Read More]
The Final Edition presents, “Secret Diaries of a Terrorist,” first in a satirical webseries
If you thought this weekend's Saturday Night Live sketch about a college-aged daughter joining ISIS crossed some lines, then just wait until you see what satirical publication The Final Edition already has produced in a new video called "Secret Diaries of a Terrorist." The almost 8-minute sketch, wh... [Read More]
'Last Week Tonight' Makes America's Crumbling Infrastructure Sexy Again
by Megh Wright Last night's Last Week Tonight took a closer look at the crumbling infrastructure in the United States, from the thousands of uninspected dams across the country to bridges in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and New York that could realistically collapse at any minute: "When we're at a poin... [Read More]
Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson Play "Truth or Truth" on 'Tonight Show'
by Megh Wright Broad City's Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson were guests on Friday's Tonight Show, where Jimmy Fallon challenged them to a game of "Truth or Truth" and, unsurprisingly, cracked up at all of their answers. Watch another clip from the interview below, in which Abbi explains why she gets ... [Read More]
60 Minutes profile of Larry David
Larry David starred in a fictional Broadway production as part of his HBO series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, but he's really starring on Broadway for the first time this month in a play he wrote that's already a box-office smash, Fish in the Dark. And so, Charlie Rose got David to sit down -- but not sto... [Read More]
Owen Benjamin on The Late Late Show
Owen Benjamin performed on Friday's The Late Late Show with guest host Kunal Nayyar. Benjamin came ready with plenty of driving etiquette tips -- for one thing, we need to control our monster road-rage impulses, and having only one type of horn isn't helping matters. Benjamin also has tips for succe... [Read More]
Dakota Johnson hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and it was 50 Shades of… something punny
Alright, here we have it, our first episode of Saturday Night Live since SNL 40 turned the world on its head, and the Dakota Johnson (at her first time hosting) continues to appear all over the place to plug 50 Shades of Grey as the guy who played the film’s title character continues to grow [... [Read More]