Comedy Central teams up with Whipclip to help share Bieber burns from Roast
In an effort to make Monday night’s Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber hit a new stratosphere in viral universe, the network is teaming up with Whipclip, a new app that allows viewers to create and share video clips from their favorite shows. Whipclip users can clip and disseminat... [Read More]
Jake Fogelnest Is Developing a Scripted Comedy for IFC
by Megh Wright IFC is teaming up with Jake Fogelnest for a new show. The network announced today that Fogelnest — who is a writer on Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Billy on the Street, and upcoming Hulu series Difficult People — is creating and writing a new scripted comedy ... [Read More]
Ben Stiller’s Red Hour and Jake Fogelnest are developing father-son comedy for IFC
IFC is re-teaming with Ben Stiller’s Red Hour on a new project, a comedy with the working title, Start Making Sense.  The idea hails from creator and writer Jake Fogelnest (Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp, Billy On The Street). Start Making Sense follows Jack, wh... [Read More]
What the Hell Is the Deal with Clowns?
by Matt Crowley “All the world loves a clown,” Cole Porter once wrote. Turns out, not so much. Today, people’s perceptions of clowns are largely negative: clowns are weird, clowns are scary, clowns are incomprehensible. One thing clowns are not is funny. As Louis C.K. has said, &ld... [Read More]
Will Ferrell Let His Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Go to His Head
by Megh Wright Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell were guests on last night's Late Late Show, and after James Corden congratulated Ferrell for his recent Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony Ferrell responded with what he learned from the experience: "The one thing I thought of is as I looked out — I... [Read More]
Taraji P. Henson and Michael Keaton Set as April 'SNL' Hosts
by Megh Wright NBC just announced two upcoming SNL hosts. According to TV Line, Michael Keaton will host SNL for a third time on April 4th with musical guest Carly Rae Jepsen, then Empire star Taraji P. Henson will make her hosting debut on April 11th with musical guest Mumford & Sons. The show ... [Read More]
Colin Hanks channels Reggie Watts in tribute to his lifestyle
Colin Hanks has a lot going on in his life, including an acclaimed role in Fargo, a leading spot in a forthcoming primetime pilot, and a new documentary on Tower Records that just premiered at SXSW. Plus, his dad is pretty cool. How does Hanks handle it all? Easy, he channels Reggie Watts. Colin Han... [Read More]
Hasan Minhaj Heads to Oregon to Meet Sugar Bob the Stoned Deer
by Megh Wright Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj recently traveled to Oregon to investigate a once-in-a-lifetime story of how legalized medical marijuana is destroying society through a deer named Sugar Bob, who seems to enjoy getting high and eating stolen candy. It's a shame that marijuana is ... [Read More]
James Corden Talks About His New 'Late Late Show' Job on 'Conan'
by Megh Wright The Late Late Show's new host James Corden was a guest on last night's Conan, where he told O'Brien about how nervous he is about the gig, which he describes as "just a quest to not throw up on your own clothes." Watch more from Corden's interview below: 0 Comments... [Read More]
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Address 'Get Hard' Critical Backlash: "Funny Is Funny"
by Megh Wright "If you’re disturbed by white-collar crime, but not quite as disturbed as you are by gay sex, then congratulations: You might possess just the right combo of social conscience and unexamined homophobia needed to fully enjoy Get Hard." That's the opening line from Variety's revie... [Read More]