Mike Tyson Made Sure the 'Mike Tyson Mysteries' Comic-Con Panel Was More Ridiculous Than Informative
by Megh Wright Mike Tyson Mysteries is undoubtedly the most bizarre-sounding and anticipated upcoming show on Adult Swim, but don't watch the cast's Rob Corddry-hosted Comic-Con panel if you're looking for more details about it. Instead watch it to see Mike Tyson talk about his 2,000 pigeons, confus... [Read More]
Chris Pratt tells Seth Meyers about flashing Amy Poehler and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’
Chris Pratt, star of Marvel’s new Guardians of the Galaxy, rounded out his press tour with a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers. Pratt sat down with Meyers to talk about the time he flashed Parks and Recreation co-star Amy Poehler, filming GOTG, and the time he flashed Amy Poehler. A very se... [Read More]
Watch a full episode of IFC’s ‘Garfunkel and Oates’ online
IFC has been trying its best to establish its network as a comedy destination. One of their newest shows, Garfunkel and Oates, is set to premiere Thursday, August 7th at 10pm. However, if you’re terrible impatient (you probably are) IFC has released a full episode available for viewing online ... [Read More]
Inside Whiplash, 'Review,' and 'SNL' with Leo Allen
by Bradford Evans Two decades into his comedy career, Leo Allen is both the host of one of New York's most popular standup shows (Whiplash) and a busy writer who's worked for shows like Saturday Night Live, Jon Benjamin Has a Van (which he co-created), Comedy Bang! Bang!, and most recently, And... [Read More]
Watch a Full Episode of IFC's New Show 'Garfunkel and Oates'
by Megh Wright Musical comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates have a new show premiering on IFC August 7th, and the network released a full episode sneak peek today so you can watch Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci "go full mermaid" on a double date a week before they make their TV debut. 0 Comments... [Read More]
Chris Pratt Tells Seth Meyers About the Time He Flashed Amy Poehler
by Megh Wright Despite NBC explicitly telling him not to make public jokes about it, last night Chris Pratt told Seth Meyers a great story about the time he flashed Amy Poehler while filming a scene during the second season of Parks and Recreation instead of putting on the skin-colored briefs he was... [Read More]
Mike Birbiglia Insists He's Not a Creep on 'Tonight Show'
by Megh Wright On last night's Tonight Show, standup Mike Birbiglia told a story about the time a pretty girl boarded the Brooklyn bus he was on and changed everything, despite how much he tried not to be creepy. Click through for Birbiglia's "My Summer Job" segment, in which he looks back on his da... [Read More]
Lovesick in Toledo
Though I cannot put my finger on how exactly, there is something original in how comic Cy Amundson brings the audience in on his jokes. This gives the material a comfort level that just adds to the pleasure you get listening to Lovesick in Toledo.Amundson has an eye and ear ... [Read More]
Today's Funniest Tweets
by WitStream Albertina Rizzo Orlando Bloom fighting Justin Bieber just became the "Tiger Beat" version of Biggie and Tupac. Ed Galvez My body is less a temple but more Ancient & ruined. ... [Read More]
Russell Brand rips apart Sean Hannity’s Israel-Palestine coverage
Russell Brand used to be kind of a polarizing figure, but he had recently won over many people with his takedowns of the mainstream media. Since picking apart his rude interviewers on Morning Joe last June, Brand has continued to call out media’s frequent insensitivity, agenda-pushing, and sen... [Read More]