Beth Stelling Uses Instagram to Discuss the Rape and Abuse She Suffered From Her Ex
While 2015 was a year in which Beth Stelling released a stand-up record, Simply the Beth, and a Comedy Central Half Hour that landed her on Vulture's list of the best specials of 2015, it was also one in which she was in a physically, sexually, and emotionally abusive relationship with her now ex. Today on Instagram, Stelling posted a photo of her legs covered in bruises along with a long note that detailed months of abuse she suffered from the relationship. [Read More]
Let’s Meet the 3 New Daily Show Correspondents: Ronny Chieng, Roy Wood Jr., Desi Lydic
The Daily Show has signed up three new correspondents. (All of the current correspondents are keeping their jobs; there will be no de-Stewart-ization at TDS.) As Trevor Noah prepares to sit in the host's chair, let's get to know the three new hires! They are: Ronny Chieng, Roy Wood Jr., Desi Lydic.. [Read More]
Bob Odenkirk Talks to Derek Waters About Drunk History, Drinking With David Simon, and the State of Sitcoms
Ten years ago, Bob Odenkirk met with Derek Waters and his then–comedy partner Simon Helberg, and suggested they do a show together based on their lives. A couple years later, they all worked together on the hilarious web series Derek and Simon, and the rest is history (that same year, Helberg joined the cast of The Big Bang Theory, and Waters debuted the first installment of Drunk History.) So, with the now-Emmy-nominated Drunk History's third season set to premiere tonight, who else better to i... [Read More]
A Conversation With the Fat Jew: ‘That’s Not Who I Am or What I’m About’
When the news broke that the Fat Jew, a.k.a. the Fat Jewish, a.k.a. Josh Ostrovsky, signed with CAA, one of Hollywood’s largest agencies. The announcement opened up the floodgates for complaints that Ostrovsky has consistently stolen jokes or deliberately not credited people for content he posted to his account. Comedians led the charge, but soon many websites began accusing him of joke theft, arguing that he was just the face of a larger problem with the internet, especially Instagram. On Th... [Read More]
Russell Peters on Being Comedy’s Cult Superstar
'You look at other people who are probably funnier than I am and are critically more acclaimed than I am, and they’ll never be able to sell out an arena. But everybody knows who they are. Nobody knows who I am. The industry still has some old-school mentality of “we only allow one minority at a time.” I’ve had it proven to me time and time again.' [Read More]
Dave Chappelle Live Review: This Is Why He Quit
It Took 10 Years, But Dave Chappelle Finally Weeded Out All of His Terrible Fans [Read More]
6 Questions About Stephen Colbert’s Departure
..while two big questions have been answered, plenty of other known unknowns remain — from what this means for Comedy Central to how it will all play out in the ratings. We decided to ponder six outstanding questions in the wake of today’s news, and then rang up a slew of our best TV business sources to get some answers. [Read More]
Arrested Development Hidden Jokes: Episodes 1–2
Perhaps you binge-watched every single episode of Arrested Development's new season the first weekend. Perhaps you've taken your time, ignored the spoilers, and listened to creator Mitch Hurwitz's slow-and-steady advice. We took a deep breath and started all over again more slowly, taking time to scour every episode to find the show's many Easter eggs, callbacks, and hints to future episodes. Some were obvious, some more buried. Let's begin with the first two episodes. How many of them did you c... [Read More]
Best Guest Star: Patton Oswalt
If television as a whole seemed a little obsessed with casting comedian Patton Oswalt last season — he appeared in no fewer than seven shows! — it’s because no one plays obsessives better. [Read More]
Jeffrey Tambor Shares Eight Behind-the-Scenes Stories From The Larry Sanders Show
"[It was] one of the great auditions of my life ... That evening, around 5 p.m., I called and I said, 'May I speak to Garry?' ... He came on the line. I said, 'I've never done this in my entire career, but I really want to play Hank. I would normally never call ... ' And Garry said, 'No, but Hank wo... [Read More]