Marc Maron on Defiance, Intimacy and the Creative Mindset of Celine Dion
"Celine Dion never says, “Fuck them, fuck my audience.” I don’t think that U2 does, either. Singing is different, but there are some people who just bask in the love of as many people as possible, and I envy those types of performers to some degree because they are entertainers who realize their talent and seek to do that and are successful in it. I’ve never had that relationship with an audience. I think the more people who like you, the more questions you have to ask yourself, like, “How can t... [Read More]
Chelsea Peretti interview | Vice Magazine
Chelsea Peretti is a comedian and writer whom we respect and admire. Carl Bennett is a comedienne and writer whom we know and who loves Chelsea Peretti. Carl wrote questions, and Chelsea answered them. [Read More]
Robert Smigel interview | Vice Magazine
Sometimes I find it hard to believe a person like Robert Smigel actually exists. He’s made a good living pouring salt in the wounds of popular culture, and he’s done it in ways that are simultaneously hilarious and innovative. There is no other person on earth who can get away with screaming “Asshole!” in Simon Cowell’s face multiple times on national television just because a dog puppet is hovering between them. [Read More]
Buck Henry interview | Vice Magazine
s a writer and an actor, Buck Henry has one of the most interesting profiles in the history of television. Uncommonly, he also occupies that same position in 60s and 70s American film. In those years especially, his was one of the voices that brought movie and TV comedy into wider focus, rendering it more political, sexual, and trippily referential than it had previously been, basically creating its current template. [Read More]