John Oliver on Tea Party Rallies, His Comedy Central Stand-Up Series, and Being a Part of 'Community'
almost every comedian I've ever met likes when you see someone who's just starting off, and you can see how, if they're talented and raw, you instinctively want to help them, whether that's taking you out on the road with them, which every comedian does. "Oh, I like the look of you, I could maybe give him some work if they come out and open for me somewhere." So this is just a similar kind of thing with some of the newer acts, and the rest is a real privilege to be able to be on the same bill as... [Read More]
SNL's Vanessa Bayer on Meeting the Real Miley Cyrus
It will be an epic meeting of the Mileys when Miley Cyrus hosts 'Saturday Night Live' on March 5 and comes face-to-face with freshman cast member Vanessa Bayer, who quickly made her mark on the show this season with a remarkably funny impression of the former Disney darling. The Cleveland native and University of Pennsylvania graduate interned at 'Sesame Street' and 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' and performed with a musical sketch comedy troupe called Bloomers while she was a student. After gr... [Read More]
Dan Harmon Talks About the 'Community' Christmas Episode, Conceptual Stories, and 'Dungeons & Dragons'
On the upcoming 'Dungeons & Dragons' episode: "It couldn't be less pricey. They're sitting at a table playing 'Dungeons & Dragons' for the entire episode. I love it, the actors love it. Sony has high hopes for this show in terms of accessibility, and they made me promise that this episode woudn't be a nerd-fest, and I'm just giggling because I disaapoint them so much sometimes. [Read More]
The Inside Word on 'Conan' From Writer Brian Kiley | TVsquad
As a writer on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien,' Brian Kiley used to share an office with the Masturbating Bear. It was disconcerting, he told us, to try write monologue jokes while sitting across the desk from a guy in a bear suit wearing a diaper. [Read More]
Yo-Yo "Master" / YouTube Star Kenny Strasser Cast in 'The Office'
The whole yo-yo thing didn't seem to work out for Kenny "K-Strass" Strasser, the self-proclaimed, delusional yo-yo master who embarrassed himself with terrible tricks and bizarre banter on Midwestern news programs then became a star on YouTube. But maybe "K-Strass" will have better luck with his next vocation -- Scranton, Penn.-based handyman for one Mr. Dwight Schrute. Strasser, or really his creator, actor Mark Proksch, is taking on the role of Nate, a handyman who works at the Schrute-owned o... [Read More]
'SNL' Star Bill Hader Talks the New Season, Jon Hamm's Return and His 'Surreal Life' Experience with Corey Feldman
As he enjoyed his last week of summer vacay last week, Bill Hader talked to AOL TV about the new season, the potential of a Stefon movie, his favorite 'SNL' guest hosts, the inspiration behind 'SNL's kissing family, the comedic skills of Tom Cruise and his reality TV past. [Read More]
When Does a Comedy Stop Being a Comedy? TVsquad on 'Nurse Jackie' and 'Louie'
When Edie Falco picked up her Emmy for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Comedy Series for 'Nurse Jackie,' the first words out of her mouth reflected what pretty much everyone watching the ceremony was likely thinking: "Oh, this is the most ridiculous thing that has ever, ever happened in the history of this lovely awards show," she said. "I'm not funny!" Falco could have extended that notion to the rest of her show. [Read More]
On the Set of 'Big Lake,' with Chris Gethard (premiers Tuesday on Comedy Central)
The bespectacled Chris Gethard is a ubiquitous presence on he set at Comedy Central's new comedy, 'Big Lake,' at Silvercup Studios in Queens, New York. The star of the upcoming series, which debuts Tue., Aug. 17 at 10PM ET, has a tendency to wander around on dark sets or by the backstage lunch table, oblivious to everything except the script he's holding in his hands. He can be so focused on re-reading lines for upcoming scenes that you get the feeling he might walk into something. [Read More]
'Daily Show' Producer Rory Albanese Talks Sexism and Answers Reader Questions
A few weeks back, TV Squad asked readers to post questions for 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' executive producer Rory Albanese asking anything you wanted about the inner workings of the popular, subversive faux-news show. Here are his answers. [Read More]
Christopher Titus Talks About Working with Fox, Round Two, and a 'Special Unit' Movie | TV Squad
Titus is getting a second chance at Fox with a new comedy based on his Comedy Central special, 'Love Is Evol.' He is working on the script with former NBC head Warren Littlefield, and it's a 'Titus' sequel of sorts, picking up with the same semi-autobiographical character years later as he is going through a divorce and finding true love. TV Squad spoke with Titus by phone last week about working with Fox again and the prospects of 'Special Unit.' [Read More]