Toronto Public Health official warns Dave Chappelle not to smoke on stage
Dave Chappelle could be fined if he smokes any more cigarettes on a Toronto stage, the city’s public health department has warned. The enigmatic American comedian made an unscheduled visit to Mayor Rob Ford’s office Wednesday to ask Ford’s staff if he could smoke on stage during the last of his three shows at the Winter Garden Theatre on Wednesday night. NOW Magazine reported that Chappelle smoked five cigarettes during his 75-minute show on Monday night. His City Hall visit, disclosed by ... [Read More]
Second City performer Paul O’Sullivan dies at 48 in car collision
Paul O’Sullivan, a well-respected Toronto actor and comedian, dies in a car accident at 47. At Second City, O’Sullivan made a mark early. “Paul was the quintessential Second City performer and writer,” said Andrew Alexander, Second City’s CEO, reached in Beverly Hills Saturday. “He was quick-witted, and fast on his feet. But there was a sweetness about him that really came through as well.” [Read More]
Q&A: Joan Rivers on style, surgery and granny porn
"What was considered shocking in the late ’60s now is so sweet. We are in a very rough moment in all our lives. We are fighting wars we don’t understand. There is the constant threat of terrorism. We are living in very nervous times and comedy reflects that. Comedy is very rough, very harsh now." [Read More]
Dave Foley fears arrest, owes $500,000 in child-support
“My income has dropped in the last 10 years, as anyone can tell from the number of s---ty movies I’ve been in,” says Foley. “I’m not exactly picking and choosing my projects.” However, four years ago, Superior Justice Nancy Backhouse denied his motion to vary his support payments. He believes his payments might have been sustainable if he could have landed another gig as lucrative as the lead on NewsRadio. ..once taxes and a 20 per cent commission are factored in, he has to earn $40,000 per mont... [Read More]
Finding laughs, but finding fame? The Canadian Comedy Awards review | the toronto star
The Canadian Comedy Awards (gala Sunday night at the Winter Garden, trophies handed out Monday) used local venues to let nominees strut their stuff. the toronto star sent two young comedians to review what they saw. [Read More]
With all the competition, Jay Leno's monologue better be good | Toronto Star
A recap of Leno's devolution from inspirational, ground breaking club comic to lowest-common-denominator pandering clown. [Read More]
Deadpan comedian Eugene Levy grows animated | the star interview
Giving voices to a nervous robot or a plucky porcupine may not be how some thespians want to spend their careers, but Eugene Levy knows there's no reason for anyone in his line of work to look down on animated movies. [Read More]
Subway series: Comedy that's trippy | The Toronto Star
The yellow journalist in me would like very much to declare an all-out comedy war to have broken out on Bloor St. with a steel cage-match scheduled this Sunday evening pitting improv vs. sketch in no-holds-barred battle that will leave a bloodbath of comedians littering the street. A veritable laugh riot. Unfortunately, the participants don't really want to play along, as things really are a lot more genial. Two weekly comedy shows a TTC stop apart are coming together for a special "Subway Serie... [Read More]
Toronto's Stand-up comics getting nasty
If you've ever rolled your eyes at someone being offended by a comedian's dirty joke, Monday's Just for Laughs Nasty showcase at Yuk Yuk's is made for you. Conversely, if you have any tender sensibilities, may we recommend you stay home and watch TV? [Read More]