Julian McCullough headlines fundraising event to ‘stand up’ against mental health stigma (guest post)
Storytelling is a powerful agent for change. Sharing personal stories with others takes bravery, especially when a person is opening up about their own mental health journey. In doing so, they may feel vulnerable or judged. And while those feelings may exist because of the dark shadow stigma casts o... [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE preview: Jim Gaffigan takes over Pandora Comedy in honor of Cinco
With the release of his latest album Cinco, Jim Gaffigan continues to spread his everyman comedy to the world. So, it’s no surprise he’s set to to begin a national tour — dubbed the Noble Ape Tour — that begins July 14 in Hershey, PA and continues through December. ... [Read More]
Kevin Hart audiobook from Audible — I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons out now! (Exclusive Video)
If you’re even a casual follower of Kevin Hart‘s comedy and, especially, his social media feeds, you already know the mega-comic is a bit of an inspiration junky. That is, he loves being inspired and inspiring others. Sometimes he inspires us by being shirtless— because he’s ... [Read More]
Howie Mandel, Lena Dunham, Emma Stone and more share videos for #MyYoungerSelf campaign supporting mental health awareness
For more than a decade now, Howie Mandel has been an open book about struggling with mental health issues, namely Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which, in his case, shows itself through an irrational fear of germs. But the comedian wasn’t always so ... [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE FULL ALBUM PREMIERE: Scout Durwood – ‘Take One Thing Off’
“I came up as a performer in queer nightlife, so a lot of what other pop songs were about didn’t resonate with me,” comedian, actress and singer Scout Durwood says about “Go Go,” one of the 19 tracks that make up her debut musical comedy album Take One Thing Off. After ... [Read More]
WATCH: Orange is the New Black trailer season 5 is here!
Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix for season five on June 9! When we last left the ladies of Litchfield Prison, a riot sparked by Poussey’s death quickly escalates when the inmates gain control of the prison. Once they get a taste of power, chaos ensues through the halls of Litchfield... [Read More]
Lewis Black: ‘The Rant is Due’ on Audible capitalizes on crankiness
Lewis Black got America’s 70-year-old, 5’1”, perennial TV journalist Connie Chung to say “fuck”—a lot. Actually, one of the comedian’s fans repeatedly put the angry, four-letter word—amongst others—in her mouth. “I was never allowed to say ... [Read More]
Lahna Turner: How I Lost 500 Pounds (guest post)
The following is a guest post by comedian and songstress Lahna Turner, who has just released the first ever comedy music and visual album. Titled LIMEADE, it’s available now on Amazon, YouTube and iTunes. For more info check out, lahnaturner.com. ——————&mda... [Read More]
The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. and the carousel of comedy – Laughspin Interview
Roy Wood Jr. doesn’t act like a comedian adored nightly on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. When we sat down at a table above New York City’s infamous Comedy Cellar, he asked about the latest Wolverine movie like we were comedy buddies catching up. Wood stays accessible because, to ... [Read More]
Bill Burr on Hillary Clinton: She blew it! (Video)
Bill Burr visits Conan O’Brien tonight to chat about, among other things, the inauguration and first week of a Donald Trump presidency. We have a preview clip of his appearance that will air 11 pm EST tonight. “It’s been unsettling so far,” Burr says of Trump’s series o... [Read More]