Getting the facts from Go Fact Yourself host J. Keith Van Straaten
J. Keith Van Straaten, host of the live game show and podcast for Maximum Fun, Go Fact Yourself, met up with me earlier this summer while scouting locations for taking his game show on the road to New York City. Live shows of Go Fact Yourself are happening this weekend (July 21-22) at Caveat, with [... [Read More]
Carmen Lagala on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Carmen Lagala made her late-night TV debut on Thursday Late Show, and let us know in no uncertain terms how she feels about train travel, her father’s multiple marriages and what kind of restaurants she can afford. Roll the clip. [Read More]
What it’s like to work as a woman in late-night TV comedy in 2018
You don’t have to be Nell Scovell to know the gender ratio is and always has been rather bleak for hiring women to write for late-night TV talk shows. Although Scovell, one of the rare women hired to write for David Letterman over multiple decades, certainly has crunched all of the numbers. St... [Read More]
Howie Mandel opened a comedy club inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City
Where Donald Trump once failed, Howie Mandel now hopes to succeed. No, not the White House. Atlantic City. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City opened on the property site formerly housing the failed Trump Taj Mahal on June 28, and included in it: Howie Mandel’s Comedy Club! Mande... [Read More]
National Comedy Center launch will include Lenny Bruce exhibit and foundation
When the National Comedy Center officially opens its doors next month in Jamestown, NY, it’ll not only include a discussion on comedy and the First Amendment, but also kick off a fundraising partnership with the Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation with a special Lenny Bruce exhibit. The exhibit, h... [Read More]
Russell Peters inserts himself back into feud over joke theft
Russell Peters couldn’t help himself last month while appearing as a guest on Sway in the Morning on SiriusXM satellite radio. As soon as Sway mentioned Trevor Noah as one of his other favorite stand-ups, Peters went after The Daily Show host, calling him a joke thief and prompting Sway to pul... [Read More]
Comedy Central acquires syndication rights to FOX animated classics King of the Hill and The Cleveland Show
With Netflix, Hulu and Amazon in a rush not only to create new original content, but also have all of the best stuff you enjoyed watching years ago on TV to watch over and over again, it’s newly notable whenever some other channel/platform acquires series syndication rights. And so Comedy Cent... [Read More]
David Spade skips straight to the audiobook for new Audible memoir
No reading required for David Spade’s new memoir, A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World. Spade skipped the whole book part, instead going straight to audiobook for a special six-hour, 12-minute Audible-exclusive performance. A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World premiered today at [Read More]
“Hi Bob!” Bob Newhart releases new podcast exclusively on Audible
Bob Newhart won the Grammy for Album of the Year in 1961 for his stand-up comedy, which featured Newhart’s hilarious one-sided phone conversations. Now, 57 years later, Newhart has a new audio series of conversations, this time with his famous funny friends. HI BOB! has launched exclusively on... [Read More]
Matt Groening defends still stereotyping Apu in 2018 in new New York Times interview
D’oh. Now we know why The Problem With Apu continues to be problematic, despite Hank Azaria acknowledging that the voice he has used on The Simpsons for an Indian immigrant running the Springfield convenience store might not be as funny in 2018 as it was in 1988. The Simpsons defended Apu in a... [Read More]