David Byrne interview
Salon’s David Daley interviews David Byrne on the occasion of the release of Byrne’s book, “How Music Works.” Byrne is always interesting. (So interesting, in fact, that The Female Half was moved to wirelessly purchase the e... [Read More]
Rodney.com is live.
The Halves of the Staff had the pleasure of meeting Joan Dangerfield, widow of Rodney Dangerfield, when she was in town on the occasion of the dedication of The Rodney Booth at the Las Vegas Laugh Factory. Factory proprietor Harry Basil was joined ... [Read More]
The American Comedy Awards are baaaaaack…
The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that NBC as acquired the rights to The American Comedy Awards and will broadcast the ceremony in May of next year. They refer to the show ” honoring those who have achieved new heights in film and television.... [Read More]
Comic shot dead in Las Vegas
We were hanging out at the Laugh Factory until late Sunday night. When we awoke the next morning, we read a headline that alluded to a shooting at a hotel/casino on the Vegas strip, but we thought that it alluded to another Strip shooting earlier in... [Read More]
Opinion: The death of skepticism? | Shecky Magazine
Last month, we posted about how a “comic’s wet dream” has become more like premature comedy ejaculation: …a comic’s wet dream has evolved, it seems, into something entirely different. Effectively, it now means an incide... [Read More]
Punching the Clown
Co-written by comedian Henry Phillips and Gregori Viens (and ably directed by Viens), “Punching the Clown” tells the story of “Henry Phillips,” a drifting folk-singer parodist who gets off the road by surfing on his brother&rs... [Read More]
Chappelle’s doing it wrong.
In our original posting (see below), we allowed that maybe Dave Chappelle was having an off night in Hartford (and, perhaps more importantly, we were skeptical that the “heckling” that bedeviled Chappelle was borne of any kind of racism).... [Read More]
Half-baked theories: Chappelle’s Hartford show
Dave Chappelle was “heckled” by adoring fans at a sold-out show… … a year ago last June… in Austin, TX. Read all about it at CultureMap.com, a website that keeps Austin weird by covering arts and culture in the Texa... [Read More]
How not to use social media to promote your venue
It’s The Female Half of the Staff’s birthday today! And, along with all the other well-wishes, she found this: Happy birthday Traci, Craig Glazer here, to celebrate this week I have four free passes to see Tim Gaither this weekend. Inbo... [Read More]
Johnny House is in the house!
From Ask The Past, a website that provides wisdom on contemporary problems from “old books,” comes this advice on “How to Tell Jokes”: “Where your pleasantries are not rewarded with the laughter of listeners, cease and d... [Read More]