Why Comedians Were Afraid of Patrice O’Neal | New York Magazine
Patrice O’Neal didn’t just want to be famous, he wanted to be as good as Richard Pryor. To hear his fellow comics tell it, he was a brutal truth-teller who spared no one, starting with those closest to him. [Read More]
Prude Awakening: Alison Brie is a lot more fun than the characters she plays on TV | NY Magazine
Unlike the uptight characters she plays on two of TV’s most critically beloved shows—she’s Pete Campbell’s traditionalist wife, Trudy, on Mad Men, and prudish former Adderall addict Annie Edison on Community—Brie is bawdy, fun, and a little shameless. [Read More]
Lucy Lawless Could Have Played Tammy 1 on Parks and Recreation | Vulture
During an otherwise innocuous chat with the Huffington Post this week, Lucy Lawless let slip that producers actually came to her first to play Tammy 1. "I couldn't because I was doing Spartacus," claimed Lawless, who said that Parks and Rec is still her favorite show. [Read More]
The Saturday Night Live Sketch Predictor: What Will Happen When Channing Tatum Hosts? | Vulture
We know Channing Tatum can dance, because he’s done it in movies like Step Up and in that one grainy video on the web from when he was a stripper, and we know he can act, at least in movies that require him to look like he works out a lot. We’re not as sure that he can deliver a punch line, and with his comedic feature-film adaptation of 21 Jump Street about to premiere, this is important information his potential audience needs to know. Therefore, a lot is riding on his Saturday Night Live debu... [Read More]
Watch Delocated’s Jon Glaser and Janeane Garofalo Talk Dad Jeans, Method Acting, and Their Characters’ Possible Love Sex Connection | Vulture
recently caught up with Jon Glaser and Janeane Garofalo to learn how Glaser subconsciously modeled his character's wardrobe after his dad's bad style; what scenes were this season's budget busters; and why Garofalo's very intense pre-shoot regimen included sense memory work, neck rolls, and a full set of prosthetics. [Read More]
Why David Letterman Is Hilarious: A Video Refresher Course | Vulture
In a time when late night has become increasingly diffuse and Dave often gets lost amid such younger competition as Adult Swim and The Daily Show, it is worth a refresher course on just how revolutionary and brilliant a comedy force he has been. We scoured YouTube to find classic clips that give the fullest (but least repetitive: no Velcro suit!) picture of just why Letterman shaped the senses of humor of just about everyone else under 50 currently doing comedy on television. [Read More]
Conan, CBS & Aussie comic Rebel Wilson Plan a Super Fun Night | Vulture
Aussie comic Rebel Wilson and Conan O'Brien are getting into business together on a half-hour comedy at CBS that, on paper at least, appears to be one of the development season's hottest projects. The Eye has picked up a pilot for Super Fun Night, a multi-camera sitcom written by Wilson and produced by O'Brien's Conaco which will feature the Australian comic as one of three geeky female pals who challenge themselves to have, yes, "super fun" each Friday night. [Read More]
Aubrey Plaza on Her Sundance Superhit and Her Murderous Plans Involving Ryan Gosling | Vulture
Aubrey Plaza gets a chance to evolve her deadpan persona in Safety Not Guaranteed, a sorta-sci-fi/sorta-rom-com that played at Sundance this week to a gangbusters reception. (Expect a sale soon.) When the movie begins, Plaza's not too dissimilar from her Parks and Recreation character April Ludgate: She plays an undermotivated magazine intern who's tasked with tracking down a potential crackpot (Mark Duplass) who thinks he can time-travel. But as she starts to unexpectedly fall for him, Plaza ge... [Read More]
Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock May Tour Together | Vulture
"I've been talking to Chappelle a lot. Been trying to get Chappelle to go on tour," he told us. Those reports had surfaced briefly in October, but we'd heard nothing since then; is Rock really going to make this a reality? "You know I'm not the hard one," he said, laughing. "But I'm trying to make that happen. After seeing Kanye and Jay-Z, I was like, 'Me and Dave should do this.'" [Read More]