2016 #BrokenRecordShow Comedian Lineup Announced
Beginning at 5am on Sunday, May 15th, 2016, Nashville StandUp will attempt to top it’s own GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for “LONGEST STAND-UP COMEDY SHOW – MULTIPLE COMEDIANS” at The East Room in Nashville, TN.. by five minutes.The comedians currently scheduled to perform May 15-23 at The East Room as part of #BrokenRecordShow vol. 2 include Ian Abramson, Ahmed Ahmed, Sarah Albritton, Emma Arnold, Nate Bargatze, Brian Bates, Mary Jay Berger, DJ Buckley, Jesse Case, Cliff Cash, Chris Crofton, Bi... [Read More]
R.I.P. Craig Smith (July 15, 1975 – November 5, 2015) | @NSUP
Craig Smith jumped to his death from the Parthenon Towers building in Nashville, Tennessee the evening of November 5th, 2015. He was a comedian, an arborist, an artist, a father and a friend. Debbie Smith, Craig’s mother, says he had been to a doctor because he has been coughing up blood for months and had severe chest and back pain for the last week. Craig believed he had terminal lung cancer and, we assume, didn’t want to be a burden to his family while he withered away, suffering.The intros f... [Read More]
Jonnie W launches crowdsourcing campaign to record DVD 11/14 at The Franklin Theatre | NashvilleStandUp.com
"I looked at other venues in other cities as option for taping my new special, but it just feels right to be doing it in Nashville, since it’s the place that gave me my start in comedy. I moved here 8 years ago, and there’s such a unique energy to this town- creativity, music, desperation, and pain. The same qualities that made it a great city for innovation in music have contributed to a thriving new comedy scene. I’m honored to be a part of it." [Read More]
Nashville StandUp's GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title attempt #BrokenRecordShow ends 184+ hour run at 4:20am April 20, 2015
‪#‎BrokenRecordShow‬ at The East Room featured the best of Nashville’s comedians & celebrity drop-in sets from Hannibal Buress, Rory Scovel, Al Jackson, Eric Andre, Nate Bargatze, Ahmed Ahmed, Keith Alberstadt, Killer Beaz & Jon Reep. Starting 4/12/2015 12:04pm with D.J. Buckley and ending 4/20 4:20am with Chad Riden, NASHVILLE STANDUP surpassed the previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ title of 80 hours for “Longest Stand-up Comedy Show – Multiple Comedians” on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 8:... [Read More]
Wild West Comedy Festival 2015 lineup announced
The second annual Wild West Comedy Festival, featuring some of the funniest comedians in the world and unique special events, will once again take place in the great city of Nashville on April 15 to 19, 2015. So far the A-list lineup includes: Lewis Black, Joel McHale, Hannibal Buress, Eric Andre, Tig Notaro, TruTV’s Impractical Jokers, Kevin Smith’s “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old,” Jeanne Robertson, Doug Benson, Anjelah Johnson and Frank Caliendo. [Read More]
Sean Parrott’s “Summertime (Featuring Swagnum P.I.)” video is the greatest thing on the Internet
Nashville-based comedian & musician Sean Parrott is so incredibly funny and talented and wonderful, it’s just ridiculous. His new album “THE DTH OVE LOF” is a perfect example of that. Also, the video for “Summertime (Featuring Swagnum P.I.)” is (without question) the greatest thing on the internet. Stop everything and watch the video right now.. [Read More]
Jonathan Katz launches Kickstarter campaign for ‘Death Row Diet’
In the animated short ‘Death Row Diet’, Jonathan Katz plays a man on death row and Weight Watchers, where he consults with his lawyer (played by Tom Leopold of “Seinfeld” and “Cheers”). The cartoon was a big hit at film festivals and won a lot of awards, including a television pilot award from the New York Television Festival. [Read More]
TN State Senator / National Laughing Stock Stacey Campfield To Debate Comedian J. LaLonde 4/20
Knoxville, TN – Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield has agreed to debate Comedian/Radio Host J. LaLonde. The debate takes place at The Square Room in downtown Knoxville, TN on April 20th, 2013. The doors open at 2:30, the debate begins at 3:00 pm. Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett will moderate the debate. The event is free to the public. [Read More]
Win a FREE copy of Paul Strickland’s “Levels of Difficulty” cd | NashvilleStandUp
“I firmly believe that making people laugh at themselves and their world is a good way to help them escape while, hopefully, gaining some perspective on what they’re escaping from, and distracting them from the fact that I just took their money.” [Read More]
Billy Wayne Davis releases self-titled album | NashvilleStandUp.com review
"This, to me, is a perfect example of what B-dub does: While in the middle of a well crafted routine there is a distraction. He addresses it with a funny line and is ready to move on.. but smelled a little bullshit in the crowd’s reaction and dove in to explore that. His off-the-cuff reference is smart, well timed, culturally-informed and misinterpreted. This line (and Billy Wayne in general) contradicts the standard stereotypical caricature so often incorrectly associated with anybody with a So... [Read More]