Tenacious D's Festival Supreme Brings Amy Poehler, 'The Kids In The Hall' To Los Angeles
Tenacious D's annual Los Angeles-based comedy event, Festival Supreme, is stepping up its A-game this year with their lineup of big-name comedians, troupes and musicians. We're talking about folks like Amy Poehler, The Kids in the Hall and Die Antwoord who will be gracing the stages at the Shrine Expo Hall and Grounds come October 10.While it's a given that Jack Black and Kyle Gass' comedy rock band, Tenacious D, will also be performing at the one-day festival, they'll be in good compa... [Read More]
Nick DiPaolo on political correctness, Louie, "Raw Nerve" and more | LAist interview
"I laugh when I hear minorities, women, or gay [comics] complaining about political correctness because it's not stifling their speech. It's stifling white heterosexual Christian males for the most part. Really, is a black comic going to get in trouble for making fun of white people or a gay woman comic going to get in trouble for making fun of me?" [Read More]
A video interview with Greg Fitzsimmons - on his book, his start in comedy, religion, more | LAist
Fitzsimmons discusses the process for writing his book, which involved going through an archive of all the disciplinary notices, police citations, and letters from angry comedy venues that his mother had kept and handed over to him. He also discusses his start in comedy, his take on religion, as well as upcoming projects he is involved in. If things fall into place for him, you could be watching up to three TV programs put together with his involvement. [Read More]
Seven Questions with Doug Williams, Comedian | LAist
LAist had the chance to talk with Doug Williams about working in LA, feeding off the energy of his audience, Wanda Sykes' "it's harder being gay than being black" comment, the infamous Emmitt Smith Roast video and much more. [Read More]
Interview - Comedian Rob Tannenbaum of Good for the Jews | LAist
Rob Tannenbaum and David Fagin formed Good for the Jews, a musical comedy group determined to "put the Ha! in Hanukkah." Their show is a hilarious, edgy celebration of all things Jewish, and this Wednesday, Good for the Jews will perform at Largo at the Coronet. Last week, LAist spoke with Tannenbaum—who is also a well-known music journalist—to discuss Jewish music, how he "converted" Moby, and the special guests scheduled to appear on Wednesday night. [Read More]
DVD Review: Adam Ferrara is Funny As Hell | LAist
It's refreshing to see someone like Adam Ferrara stand in the spotlight and deliver 60 minutes of straight stand up that falls across the wide spectrum of connoisseurs, from the small towners who like to hear gratuitous use of the word ‘fuck' to full blown comedy snobs who need real honesty to shine through in the work. Ferrara, in this snob's opinion, would do well to incorporate more of the honesty in his full set, but you'd be hardpressed to deny that - no matter where you fall on chart - t... [Read More]
LAst Laugh: This Week in Comedy
Wowzers. Patton n' friends at Hollywood Forever, Beer Shark Mice at iO West, a Neil Simon play, Zach Galifianakis, and (gulp) Dane Cook. What a week ahead! [Read More]
Cult Comedy Heroes 'Convoy' - LAist Interview
An interview with the Improv group Convoy who won 44 straight cagematches at the UCB in LA. [Read More]
Friendly comedy from Good Neighbor - LAist Interview
Do you ever think to yourself: "man, I could really go for some good, wholesome sketch comedy". You know, sketches about imagination, pranking your gay (?) roommate, being retarded-but-not, celebrity babies having...babies... If so, look no further than right next door, because Good Neighbor has what you're begging for. You might recognize these hilarious LA-based sketch comedians from one of their numerous shows around town, or perhaps their internet video hit about a pint-sized Jamie Lynn Spe... [Read More]