Here's the Horrible Comedy Sketch About Rape That Has UConn in Uproar
UConn, America's foremost institution of sports riots and male rage, is in uproar after student-run (and student-funded) television network UCTV aired a sketch comedy segment that depicted a crying girl using a blue-light phone while fleeing a possible rapist. As she attempts to escape, the robotic blue-light voices call her a "cock gobbler," a "stinky bitchy," a "blonde bitch," and a "howler monkey bitch" who is "crying rape." The sketch ends with the girl falling to the ground after her attack... [Read More]
Meet the Most Notorious Hoaxer in New York City History: Alan Abel
Gawker posted a "best of" from the great New York hoaxer Alan Abel. Abel's decade-long prank career includes protesting breast-feeding, attempting to sell a kidney, and hiring actor Buck Henry (Liz's dad on 30 Rock) to demand an end to animal nudity. [Read More]
In a Chatroom With Matt Stone | Gawker
Matt Stone: "cunt is such a great word. it's underappreciated here in america." [Read More]
Bill O'Reilly Sticks It To Liberal Cartoon Show The Simpsons (video)
Last night Bill O'Reilly targeted his devastating "pinhead" insult at the Simpsons writers, whose (very anti-Republican) latest episode called Fox News "Not Racist, But #1 With Racists." O'Reilly slammed the "pinheads" for their corporate disloyalty, the worst crime ever. [Read More]
Lisa Lampanelli marries "big Italian" guy | Gawker
For "Queen of Mean" comedienne Lisa Lampanelli, the lighting-flash moment came before she ever went on a date with Jimmy Cannizzaro. "I swear this guy is going to want to meet me, and then he's going to want to marry me," she thought after Cannizzaro sent her an email with a headshot of himself and the note "I think you can use a big Italian in your life." [Read More]
I Need Laughs: A Week in the Life of NYC Comedian Matt Ruby | Gawker review
Last February, Matt Ruby filmed I Need Laughs, documenting a typical week for him as an underground comic. Through performances at booked shows and open mics, Ruby allows viewers a glimpse into a world to which outsiders are rarely exposed. Filmed in a conspiratorial style, with low contrast, shrouded profiles, and the documentarian's face either obscured by darkness or cut off altogether in many of his solo confessional scenes, I Need Laughs blurs the line of demarcation separating performer an... [Read More]
So Marc Maron Sits Next to Former GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman on a Plane...
Ken Mehlman is the former GOP chairman who recently confirmed he was gay. Marc Maron is a comedian. Marc Maron has found himself sitting next to Ken Mehlman on a plane and is live-tweeting it. Guess what happened? If you guessed that LA comedian Marc Maron, creator of the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, took a picture of his exposed nipple next to former GOP chairman Ken Mehlman, you are correct! [Read More]
Behind SNL's Weekend Update: Interview with Writer/Producer Doug Abeles
Doug Abeles has been writer and producer at Update for the past ten years. Gawker met with Doug to talk about his experiences writing for television, what makes a good joke, and what's up for Weekend Update this season. [Read More]
'I'm Not Saying Your Mother's a Whore' - How Fox News Censored Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly | Gawker
Fox News has generously placed the full, unedited conversation between Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart online, so we can see precisely how unfairly and deviously Fox edited the interview in order to weaken Stewart's case: A lot! [Read More]
Fox News Just Can't Stop Responding to Jon Stewart's Comedy Program | Gawker
Tonight, Bill O'Reilly's guest couldn't let Jon Stewart jest and jape at his expense without a rebuttal. Bernard Goldberg is a Fox News commentator, but it seems like he's also an aspiring satirist himself.. [Read More]