Ken Rogerson: The Roast That Was Nearly A Benefit Show
Rogerson onstage at Giggles with his bike. For a half an hour at Giggles last Monday night, the biggest comedians in Boston busted Ken Rogerson’s balls. Not to be outdone, Rogerson then busted his own. Literally. Let me back up. This is a story of a ... [Read More]
Boston Comedy Festival finals wrap up
Darryl LenoxThe Boston Comedy Festival wrapped up Saturday at the Wilbur with an efficient night of comedy and a strong line-up, basically split into two moving parts – the competition finals, with eight contestants, and two awards, given to Boston C... [Read More]
Jimmy Dunn on TV, Comics Come Home
Jimmy Dunn will play Comics Come Home SaturdayJimmy Dunn has been doing stand-up comedy in Boston for more than fifteen years. He’s appeared on countless stages, and, as an avid sports fan, has written a book (Funnyball: Observations from a Summer at... [Read More]
Robert Klein on his influences and playing Fenway | BostonComedy
“I thought what I did was different,” he said. “I knew it was. I mean, not so revolutionary that I wasn’t influenced by things that went before me, but I’ll be articulate. What if Lenny Bruce had gone to college and wasn’t so jazzy? What if Jonathan Winters was Jewish? A lot of images in my mind. I idolized both of them. Because they theatricalized – I made up a word – everything. They weren’t sitting on a stool, they weren’t just holding a mic – they made theater.” [Read More]
The Boston Comedy Interview: Greg Fitzsimmons, Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons out today
Greg Fitzsimmons grew up on Tarrytown, outside of New York. But the stories he tells in his new book out today, Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons: Tales of Redemption From An Irish Mailbox, could just as easily have taken place in Charlestown or any number of Boston suburbs, Irish kids causing trouble, terrorizing the neighborhood. [Read More]
Kevin Meaney video interview at the Hard Rock Boston
Kevin Meaney performed two shows last night at Boston's Hard Rock Cafe (with Shaun Bedgood, Joey Carroll, and Jim McCue) to open the Boston Comedy Festival. Meaney, of course, is no stranger to Boston audiences, having worked here in the ... [Read More]
The Boston Comedy Interview: Paul Day and Jessie Baade, The Saltwaters
Jessie Baade and Paul Day as Newton and Precious Saltwater, tonight at Great Scott in Allston. How do you get to the Grand Ole Opry? Through Allston, apparently. Or at least that’s the trajectory that Newton and Precious Saltwater are attempting. The... [Read More]
The Boston Comedy Interview: Barry Crimmins
Barry Crimmins“I’m whatever threatens you.” – Barry Crimmins. If there’s one line Crimmins has ever uttered that sums up his attitude toward political satire and his career, that is it. The line was provided in answer to a bunch of Crimmins’ old frie... [Read More]
Half-price tickets to the Boston Comedy Festival Finals with Robert Klein
Robert KleinOn November 13, Robert Klein comes back to Boston to recieve the Boston Comedy Festival's Lifetime Achievement Award. Klein has had nine one-hour HBO specials, and he's still going strong. Klein is as influential as any comic, perhaps mor... [Read More]
The Boston Comedy Interview: Author and comedian Dennis Perrin
 Dennis Perrin, author and comedianDennis Perrin has an uneasy relationship with stand-up comedy. He came to it on a winding path, starting his writing career with the Army after high school. He was actually gung ho to join, he says, an “apolitical... [Read More]