Philadelphia’s Clint Coley Lands On Billboard’s Top Comedy Albums Charts
Philadelphia native Clint Coley has just found himself amongst a few big names after releasing his new comedy album Sturgis. For the 5 track comedy EP, Clint takes listeners for a trip to the playground he grew up on, Sturgis. The feature recorded by Everybody Eats production in Portland has n... [Read More]
The Great ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Is Broad and Emotionally Precise at the Same Time
In high school, or middle school, or possibly at a summer program, or maybe all of them, I had a musical theater teacher explain that in a musical, songs begin when emotions become too big, too intense to be contained in mere speech. (Mostly, I found this disappointing: I am a very bad singer.) Craz... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump Are Both Masters of Predictable Predictions
During last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert dedicated nearly ten minutes to the one thing he’s most thankful for this year — Donald Trump and his incredible ability to see into the future: “That’s spooky! It’s like Trump has some kind of fifth sense that lets h... [Read More]
Shakespeare Taught Tim Allen That Acting Is Just “Really Advanced Lying”
Here’s a clip from Tim Allen’s visit to last night’s Tonight Show, where he looks back on preparing for his very first TV acting gig on Home Improvement through some mandatory Shakespearian acting that taught him the most important acting lesson of all: “Oh, I get it. I get i... [Read More]
Know You Are Loved with This ‘Nathan for You’ “I Love You” Loop
The holiday season can be a stressful, emotional, downright depressing time, but thanks to this extra special clip from Nathan for You, there’s now a place we can go for comfort whenever we’re feeling a little down. Comedy Central went and did us all a solid by looping the best clip from... [Read More]
When ‘Moonlighting’ Turned Itself Into a Perfect Film Noir to Solve an Aging Crime
‘Structurally Sound’ is a recurring feature where each week a different structurally unusual, rule-breaking anomaly of an episode from a comedy series is examined. “That night was the beginning. We would see more of each other, then all of each other. But this is television, so we ... [Read More]
Martin Lawrence And Will Smith Have A ‘Bad Boys’ Reunion
It’s been quite some time since fans last saw Martin Lawrence and Will Smith together in the same room. But during a premiere event last night for Smith’s newest film Concussion, Martin surprised everyone when he showed up to have a reunion with his Bad Boys (1995) co-star. Rolling Out ... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert Calls Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line for Some Turkey Cooking Tips
During the month of November, Butterball offers its customers a free hotline for turkey cooking tips, so during last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert decided to call up Butterball’s turkey experts to give them some work before things get busy on Thanksgiving Day. Colbert doesn’t ... [Read More]
Rob Lowe and David Spade Look Back on ‘Tommy Boy’ on ‘The Late Late Show’
Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Late Show with guests Rob Lowe and David Spade, who look back on filming 1995’s Tommy Boy alongside their friend Chris Farley. While making the movie, Spade and Farley often fought over Lowe, which led to some schoolgirl-style brawls between the... [Read More]
Comedy Central Orders ‘Corporate’ Pilot Starring Jake Weisman and Matt Ingebretson
Comedy Central has a new pilot in the works. According to Deadline, the network has greenlit a pilot called Corporate from Matt Ingebretson, Jake Weisman, and Pat Bishop. The show is described as a “dark, satirical workplace comedy” that centers on Ingebretson and Weisman as “Matt ... [Read More]