Margaret Cho has a bad night of comedy in New Jersey, spars with audience
This weekend Margaret Cho had a string of stand-up shows at The Stress Factory in New Jersey. While most of the weekend went fine for the comedian, her final performance went a bit south. Reports are that Cho began discussing some taboo topics on stage, particularly homosexuality and rape. Taboo top... [Read More]
No, Amy Schumer didn’t steal Patrice O’Neal’s jokes
Man oh man, the internet loves a great yarn. So quick to pick up on a story that’s potentially controversial and run with it like it’s gospel. That very thing happened to Amy Schumer this afternoon when a video clip surfaced that shows her performing her closing bit from her HBO special,... [Read More]
Pete Davidson reacts to Steve Rannazzisi’s fabricated 9/11 story on Opie with Jim Norton radio show
News broke this morning that The League’s Steve Rannazzisi had fabricated a story about working in one of the Twin Towers on 9/11. The story is all over the place. This morning another comedian had responded the news and that is Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson. As many know, Davidson... [Read More]
When Andrew Dice Clay Came to ‘SNL’ and Controversy Followed
Saturday, May 12, 1990. I was at a party in Brooklyn, loud reggae and techno, conversations about politics and culture. Around 11:25, I slipped into a bedroom, turned on the small TV, sipped a beer and waited for Andrew Dice Clay to host SNL. The Diceman had been all over the news the previous week,... [Read More]
The Fat Jew speaks: “I should have been providing attribution for all posts”
Over the last several months there have been a lot of hot button topics boiling to the surface in the world of comedy. From all things Cosby to political correctness commentary as well as safety in clubs to the most recent topic of joke thievery. Comedy has been leaking into mainstream media now mor... [Read More]
Writer who accused Amy Schumer’s humor of being racist never actually saw her show or familiar with her stand-up
Last week, The Washington Post ran an opinion story about comedian Amy Schumer claiming her jokes were racist and that she had, “a blind spot around race,” after citing a Guardian article. This set the internet scrambling with reactionary pieces and Schumer ended up defending her jokes. ... [Read More]
Unsealed 2005 deposition reveals Bill Cosby aquired drugs to give women for sex
Documents have surfaced from an unsealed 2005 report are revealing what’s been suspected about Bill Cosby for a long time. Under sworn testimony given in his first lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand, the comedian stated that he acquired quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he ... [Read More]
Amy Schumer responds to ridiculous racism accusations
This weekend Amy Schumer took to Twitter to respond to an article in The Guardian that at the same time praised her but then declared that the comedian contained a “shockingly large blind spot about race.” Particularly singling out jokes she made about Latina women at the MTV Movie Award... [Read More]
Larry Wilmore: Take Confederate flag down (Video)
Larry Wilmore addressed the nation last night with his take on the nationwide debate over the Confederate flag. In the wake of the deadly church shooting in South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley called for the removal of the the flag from the capital building grounds. On The Nightly Show with Larry W... [Read More]
Has Dane Cook been permanently banned from The Laugh Factory?
It’s a story we’ve heard rumblings off for the last few days. That story is that Dane Cook has been permanently banned from The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Cook has been a constant at the club for a long time, performing there and drawing crowds during the club’s lean ... [Read More]