Parks and Recreation final season starts Jan. 13 so let’s watch this teaser and cry (Video)
Comedy fans will rejoice on Tuesday, Jan. 13 when Parks and Recreation returns for an all new season. Those same fans, however, will be engaged in bittersweet observance every week as Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Aziz Ansari and co. say goodbye to the NBC sitcom. It’s... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert breaks character: Watch 13-minute supercut of every time The Colbert Report host lost it (Video)
After 10 seasons on Comedy Central, The Colbert Report and its beloved leader Stephen Colbert will air its final episode tonight at 10:30 pm ET. While we can sit here and cry about the ever deepening hole inside of us that will be left raw and bloody after Colbert leaves, let us instead celebrate Co... [Read More]
Jon Stewart calls Congress bill “the Bill Cosby of legislation” (Video)
Congress recently passed the sneaky Cromnibus spending bill last week and Daily Show host Jon Stewart was not about to let politicians’ bullshit go undetected, calling it “the Bill Cosby of legislation.” The 1,600-page budget bill is a routine piece of legislation that decides how ... [Read More]
‘Chanukah (Shake It Off)’ Video Features Jewish A Cappella Group Six13 Parodying Taylor Swift With Latkes And Dreidels
Just when we finally got “Shake It Off” out of our heads, yet another parody of Taylor Swift’s hit has gone viral online. But this new “Chanukah” video from Jewish a cappella group Six13 is so good that we don’t care. As the name implies, “Chanukah” te... [Read More]
Team Coco supercut: Watch Conan’s best 2014 moments in one video
Conan O’Brien and the rest of Team Coco released their annual Supercut mashup video on Monday, featuring their favorite clips from this year’s Conan on TBS. The mashup of Conan moments reminds us of a hilarious Bill Hader visit, driving a Lyft with Kevin Hart and more Anchorman promo gam... [Read More]
Marriage Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong When Crane Crashes Into Neighboring House, But Girlfriend Still Says Yes
One Dutch man learned the hard way that sometimes less is more when it comes to marriage proposals. The unnamed gentleman hoped to use a crane to pop the question to his girlfriend, but he ended up destroying her neighbor’s home. The Dutchman in question hired a local crane to lower him next t... [Read More]
Watch Fat Schmidt from ‘New Girl’ Lip-Sync To ‘We Found Love’! Video Of Max Greenfield Dancing To Rihanna While Wearing Fat Suit Goes Viral
Back in 2011, New Girl star Max Greenfield revealed that he once filmed a video lip-syncing to Rihanna while dressed as the chubby version of his alter ego, Fat Schmidt. (As New Girl fans know, Schmidt struggled with his weight while attending Syracuse University, though he did eventually slim ... [Read More]
Comedians giving voices to our fears, opening a dialogue about race and the police #BlackLivesMatter
Ted Alexandro has missed multiple gigs over the past few weeks to march with the activists of #BlackLivesMatter. Alexandro, a veteran headlining stand-up comedian and native New Yorker, also had sat in and marched with #OccupyWallStreet. But this is different. Our nationwide reaction to the events i... [Read More]
Comedian Gus Lynch’s death devastates Minneapolis comedy community
Real comedy nerds know Minneapolis has, for the past five years or so, become one of the most vital burgeoning comedy cities in the country. Along with a few other cities like Denver, Austin and Portland, Minneapolis has proven you don’t necessarily need to move to Los Angeles or New York in o... [Read More]
Chris Rock tells Howard Stern about visiting Tracy Morgan at home
Chris Rock spent most of his Monday on a full-court press run for his new movie, Top Five, spending several hours alone just inside the Sirius XM offices, bouncing from studio to studio -- Howard Stern, Opie with Jim Norton, and a "Town Hall" moderated by Cedric the Entertainer -- while also hitting... [Read More]