My Pod Week: Week ending 10/12/14
Mike Flinn (@realmikeflinn) isn't just a podcast producer and engineer; he's also an avid fan of the form. "My Pod Week" recaps and reviews the many varied comedy podcasts Flinn listened to or attended live tapings of during the previous week. Enjoy! WEIRD ADULTS with LITTLE ESTHER (68 - Gabe Liedma... [Read More]
Jenny Slate in ‘Obvious Child’ is almost here: Get passes for free advanced screenings!
For the last few years, writer, actress and comedian Jenny Slate has been killing it. We’re always eager to see her as the recurring Liz B. character on Kroll Show, love seeing her as Sarah Guggenheim on House of Lies and of course there’s her portrayal of Mona Lisa Saperstein, Jean-Ralp... [Read More]
Jenny Slate in “Obvious Child” has an official movie trailer and national release date
Obvious Child, the new movie starring Jenny Slate that premiered this January at Sundance now has a national release date: June 6, 2014. And an official movie trailer! Slate stars as an aspiring comedian named Donna Stern and her real-life comedy bestie Gabe Liedman plays her friend here, too.  ... [Read More]
Sad News: Videogum Is Shutting Down
by Megh Wright Earlier today, Videogum senior editor (and Splitsider's very first intern!) Kelly Conaboy broke some sad news in an article titled "Hey Guys, We Have To Talk To You About Something." Though the reason for the change is unclear, Videogum is no longer being run by SPINMedia — the ... [Read More]
Comedies at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival
The race for best little films that could of 2014 begins on the same day that the nominees are announced for the best films of all sizes from 2013. Such is the circle of life for cinema. So just as Academy Award nominations get handed out and congratulatory phone calls made in Hollywood, New York Ci... [Read More]
Gabe Liedman on The Pete Holmes Show
The Pete Holmes Show has gone out of its way to include many stand-up comedians as Pete's special guests for interviews and taped segments, but Monday night's show was the first time for a stand-up comedy showcase. First up: Gabe Liedman, one-half of the comedy team Gabe and Jenny (with Jenny Slate)... [Read More]
‘The Pete Holmes Show’ welcomes its first stand-up performer, Gabe Liedman
Monday night, Gabe Liedman, writer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, became the first guest to perform stand-up on The Pete Holmes Show. In addition to being Holmes’ first stand-up guest, the spot also marked his late night TV debut. Gabe nailed it too, coming out and doing a hilarious set about how str... [Read More]
Gabe Liedman Was 'Pete Holmes Show's First-Ever Standup Last Night
by Bradford Evans Since The Pete Holmes Show debuted in October, they haven't had anyone do standup yet — until last night when Gabe Liedman became the show's first person to do standup. This was also the TV standup debut for Liedman, who co-stars in the web series Bestie X Bestie with Jenny ... [Read More]
Brooklyn Comedy Festival
In the five years since Jenny Slate, Max Silvestri and Gabe Liedman started their weekly comedy show Big Terrific in the then-rapidly gentrifying (now completely upscale) Williamsburg, Brooklyn has become a home for the new wave of young comedy. There’s at least as much good comedy to be found... [Read More]
Go Behind Amy Schumer before going Inside Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer's new sketch comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer, debuts tonight on Comedy Central -- though you already could have watched the premiere episode online (and uncensored) thanks to the cable channel. But first, get to know a little about what... [Read More]